Zombies is about more than just fighting off monsters; it’s also about keeping your teammates safe. In this Boot Camp event, we’ll be on the lookout for the best support player. The more teammates you revive, the more likely you will be to take home the victory!

Spawning and Choosing a Kit

When players first spawn, they’re able to choose which kit to use, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. After a short countdown, the first wave of monsters spawn and the game begins. 

For this event, you will be able to choose between the following kits: 

  • Archer
    • The Archer Kit comes with Gold Armor, a Gold Bow, and a Gold Sword with a knockback ability.
    • Pro Tip: Use the Archer Kit if you prefer ranged characters that do damage from a distance.
  • Tank
    • The Tank Kit comes with Diamond Armor and a Diamond Sword.
    • Pro Tip: Use the Tank Kit to take damage from monsters on behalf of your teammates.
  • Knight
    • The Knight Kit comes with Iron Armor and an extra sharp Iron Sword that can deal extra damage.
    • Pro Tip: Use the Knight to play offensively and take advantage of the support from Tanks and Archers.

Fighting Monsters

While most of the monsters will be zombies, tougher monsters will spawn randomly. Each wave of monsters increases in difficulty, but players are healed after each wave and have a brief break before the next begins. Occasionally, a Boss Wave will appear; if defeated, doors to the next room open. 

Pro Tip: Use the break between waves to reassess how you played and determine if you will need to alter your strategy.

Falling & Reviving Teammates

When player loses all health, they fall and are frozen in place with limited vision. A healthy player can revive fallen players using a healing ability or med-pack. If all team members fall, the game is over.

Pro Tip: Experiment with different Kits throughout the tournament to find a combination that is most effective in keeping your teammates alive.

Power-ups and Killstreaks

Power-ups will spawn periodically throughout the map. Players can collect these items to gain an advantage in fighting monsters and keeping their allies alive.

Killstreaks also give players advantages, but they can only be obtained by killing a certain number of zombies without falling. The Killstreak will increase in power the longer a player goes without using it or dying.

Pro Tip: There’s a chance of receiving a final Killstreak item that can save your whole team if they all fall.


To win Zombies, you must have the highest average score at the end of the tournament. Teams and players can increase their scores by killing monsters, reviving teammates, and defeating the highest wave out of all the other teams. 

The Map

What’s more relaxing than a walk along Zombie Pier? Check out the ferris wheel and beautiful view of the ocean as you hunt zombies! 

Pro Tip: While you’re enjoying the scenery, make sure to take note of where items are spawning.

Super League Pro Tips:

  • Revive Your Teammates: The more teammates you revive, the higher your score and the more support you’ll have when taking down monster waves!
  • Teamwork: Synergize with your teammates, making sure your kits complement one another.
  • Use Your Power-Ups and Killstreaks Wisely: Determine the most valuable time to use their item, rather than activating them as soon as you obtain them.

With these Pro Tips, you’re more than ready to take home a piece of our $10,000 scholarship prize and Minehut credits on August 19th! Register now to compete online in all of our Boot Camp events for FREE!