Battle for the Bridge is Super League’s free online League of Legends competition where players align themselves with an alliance and play games of ARAM to unlock rewards for their team. For each new month, alliances will refresh and players will have to choose a new faction to represent.

This month, we’re looking to find out what pet you’ll defend to the death. Sign up now to make your choice.

Choose an Alliance

Alliance selection opens TODAY. Head over to the experience page to choose which tribe you want to play and earn points for.

  • • Dog
  • • Cat
  • • Rabbit
  • • Dragon

After Alliance Selection closes on August 14th, you will still be able to participate but you will be automatically assigned to an Alliance.

Earn Points

Registered and ready to dive into the fray? Gameplay takes place every Wednesday and Saturday from August 14th until August 31st.

  • • Wednesdays: 6-9PM PT
  • • Saturdays: 7-11PM PT
  • • Bonus Day: 8/31, 4-10PM PT

During a gameplay window, head over to the experience page, which is also accessible through the event section of your Super League profile.

Queue into our official Super League online matchmaking system (OMM) – either by yourself or with friends – on the page to be paired with and against other League of Legends players. You may get placed against members of the same Alliance… and that’s okay! Remember that our OMM will only be available during a gameplay window.


To earn prizes, an Alliance must break the threshold for each tier through total number of games played by its member.

  • • 500 Games: All members will receive a digital rewards pack, complete with discount codes, a digital wallpaper, player shoutouts, and access to an exclusive behind-the-scenes live stream.
  • • 1,000 Games: We’re calling in an artist to make sure alliances that meet this goal receive digital art of their tribe leader.
  • • 2,000 Games: 650 RP to share… Just kidding. Each member of an Alliance that unlocks this prize will receive 650 RP to use in-game.
  • • Top Alliance: It’s a secret! The Alliance with the most games played will receive a special surprise, to be awarded through Super League TV.

We will also be hosting raffle giveaways during the event, courtesy of Logitech G!


Email contactus@superleague.com.

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