Last week we tackled some of life’s greatest mysteries: How does one counter a PEKKA push? Can we tell the difference between a pro EU player and a cabinet from IKEA? And, of course, who would win in a fight between a doggo and a dragon? Read on for all the answers… that is, if you think you can handle the truth.


A New Season of Clash Online

A new season of Clash Online began last week with some exciting new changes! Game days will now take place four times per week, and each Monday will feature a special game mode: Draft, Rage Battle, Double Elixir Draft, or Ramp Up. Monday’s and Thursday’s games will also be livestreamed and shoutcasted by Rich Slaton and BBXH at! We also wish a huge congrats to Siege Light after taking first place in July with a record 17 wins!

See all of this month’s new Clash Online changes or sign up to play here.



PEKKA Pro-Tips

Speaking of Clash Online… if you’re looking to boost your Clash Royale skills a bit, don’t miss out on our Clash Royale Tip of the Week from Rich Slaton! This week we cover how to counter PEKKA with Miner using perfect timing and placement. Check it out at the video above!



Super League’s New Experience Directory

We’re constantly looking for new ways to connect gamers with casual and competitive gaming events, whether online or in-person. So, we built a new Experience Directory on our website that lets you search for events all across the U.S. featuring all your favorite games! Looking for gaming conventions? We got ’em. Wanna practice your Smash skills at a weekly scrimmage? Look no further. Kids want to hang out with other Fortnite fans and up their game? We’ve got you covered.

Watch the video above or check out our Experience Directory here to get in on your next gaming event!



Playing EU or IKEA with Riot Zephyr

Last week Riot Games’ own Influencer Manager Riot Zephyr stopped by the studio for an ol’ fashioned game of EU or IKEA. She and Mad Magical went head to head in a battle of smarts (and lucky guesses) to figure out the difference between EU pro gamers and IKEA products… and it was harder than you might think. See if you can get more answers right by watching the video above, and let us know in the YouTube comments how you did!

Find more videos like this over on our YouTube channel!



Battle for the Bridge Returns

Over the weekend we announced a new iteration of Battle for the Bridge, our online League of Legends tournament where Summoners compete to defend their alliance and win digital prizes. This month, we’re looking to find out who is the goodest of boys as players choose from among four pet-themed alliances: Dogs, Cats, Rabbits, and Dragons. Who do you think should win? Join up to fight for your favorite pet! Alliance selection is currently open, and games will begin on August 14th.

Find out how to sign up and what you can win in Battle for the Bridge here.



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