This week Boston ends their City Exhibitions drought, we up our ARAM Social game, and two CRL West players make their way to Super League TV. Read on to learn more about what’s happening at Super League:


Clash Online

This month of Clash Online features two new game days each week and an all-new format with rotating game modes every Monday. The Master currently holds first place in August’s tourney with 14 wins. Today’s Clash Online tournament will feature a Rage Battle game mode, so be sure to bring your A-game—But not before a special best of five matchup between CRL West players VULKan of the Immortals and LaPoKaTi of compLexity! Be sure to tune in for this epic pre-game matchup at 3pm Pacific over on Super League TV.



City Exhibitions: Teamfight Tactics

In a nailbiting finish, cw5136 of the Miami Menace took last Tuesday’s Teamfight Tactics win with a late game hyper-scaling Sorcerer team comp! Seven cities will return this week on Tuesday for another live TFT showdown hosted by casters DeephEriksen and Cageintherage, so be sure to tune in to Super League TV tomorrow at 6pm Pacific, or sign up to rep your city here!



City Exhibitions: League of Legends

The Boston Revolt made history last Thursday, taking their first City Exhibitions win in over a year against the previously undefeated Philadelphia Specters in a quick and clean 2-0 victory. In an extremely high elo matchup, Boston midlaner xDD proved to be MVP of the series, playing lane perfectly and dealing immense amounts of damage throughout both games. With the Boston drought effectively ended, we look forward to this week’s City Exhibitions match Thursday at 6pm Pacific. Tune in here with DeephEriksen and MadMagical for all your weekly League of Legends goodness.



PrestonPlayz Rescues Hatchlings in a New Minecraft Mini-Game!

The last three Saturdays, players hopped into Hatchling Rescue, a Minecraft tournament featuring a unique game mode inspired by The Angry Birds Movie 2! Participants were joined by PrestonPlayz to team up against the eagles and rescue as many hatchlings as possible. At the end of the three-week tournament series, Clarkey169 took first place, winning the Sony 55″ 4K Smart TV grand prize!

Don’t forget to watch The Angry Birds Movie 2, in theaters August 14th! Tickets are available now.



LAN Prix

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Over the weekend Game Arena Esports went undefeated in their bracket to become this month’s LAN Prix winners. Favored over Vonroy is God in the final matchup, the team stomped their opponents in the most convincing LAN Prix performance Super League has ever seen by a winning team. Game Arena Esports will be walking away with RP, some custom team jackets, and (of course) bragging rights. You can watch their finals games here over on the Super League YouTube channel!



ARAM Socials

ARAM Socials are returning on August 30th to LAN centers across the country! We’ve gotten feedback that while having food provided at ARAM Socials is nice, there’s one thing the event could really use: even more food. And hey, we get it. So to make sure that all of you League of Legends fans out there don’t tilt in-game just because you’re hangry, we’ve made RSVPs required for all our ARAM Social events. This way we can get a good idea of how many of you Summoners are gonna show up ready to chow down and make sure we’ve got enough food to go around. So, be sure to register for ARAM Socials at least one day prior to the event to reserve your spot! Tickets are available here.

(Oh, we almost forgot to mention these snazzy ARAM Social shirts Super Leaguers Michelle and Calvin were so kind to model for us. Grab yours here!)



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