Whether you’re making your way to Metarama, repping your alliance in Battle for the Bridge, coming out in-person to Super League Arcade, or upping your game with our YouTube tutorials, Super League is all about finding your way to win. Read on to find out everything that happened last week:


Super League Meets Metarama

If you haven’t heard the news yet, all you League of Legends players now have a chance to play against some of the biggest names in League at the Metarama Gaming + Music Festival in Las Vegas! Well… actually, two chances. You can compete in one of two amateur tournaments—LAN Prix or Super League Open—and the winning team from each will be flown to Vegas to compete on the big stage in our Pros vs Joes tournament! Registration for LAN Prix and Super League Open are on now. Find all the deets here!



The Battle for the Bridge Begins

Battle for the Bridge gameplay kicked off last week, with each of four pet-themed alliances duking it out for glory and digital prizes. After the first two game days of the month, the Dragon alliance stands in first place with 141 completed games. Not far behind, the Rabbit alliance takes second with 119 games. Trailing with 60 and 51 games, the Dog and Cat alliances take third and fourth place, respectively. With only 5 game days remaining, all four alliances will have to kick it up a notch if they want to win their online rewards and be named the goodest boys of Super League.

Find the full schedule for Battle for the Bridge here!



Announcing the Winners of Our Minecraft Build Competition

Last Wednesday we announced the winners of The Angry Birds 2 “Well-Nested” Build Competition over on the Super League YouTube channel! Check out what our judges Shubble and Strawburry17 thought of your builds at the video above, and don’t forget to check out The Angry Birds Movie 2, now playing in theaters. Find tickets here!



Super League Arcade: Fight Edition

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Super League Arcade made its second appearance at Topgolf Houston for Fight Edition featuring Street Fighter V and Super Smash Bros Ultimate! Thanks to all you folks who came out to play. Check out photos from the event above, or find info for our next Super League Arcade event on 8/20 here!



Playing the Best TFT Comp in Patch 9.16

The new Teamfight Tactics patch dropped last week, and we ran what we think might be the strongest team composition in the game right now. Check it out at the video above, or find more TFT tips over on our YouTube channel!



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