This past Sunday, hundreds of players ventured out to Zombie Pier for Super League’s Summer Boot Camp event. To get a chance at winning a piece of the $10,000 scholarship prize pool and Minehut credits, players fought monsters alongside teammates from across the country.

Super League Staff

In this event, two Super League staff members joined the games to play with Boot Camp participants: Luke & Lily!  As Lily started by determining which kit worked best for her, Luke breezed through his games easily with the support of his trusted teammate, Aibach. Eventually, Luke and Lily managed to get into a game together by queuing at the same time. With the help of rishnar25 and their handy Archer Kits, they made it to wave 14. Rewatch the stream here!


The leaderboard shifted constantly throughout the event, leaving everyone guessing until the end who would take home the number one spot and the $3,000 scholarship prize! While Mystic_Sandwich, RedMouse15, and various other players held the #1 spot at one point, it was captainMonkey who dominated our Zombie event with an average wave of 14. captainMonkey also had the most kills in the game with a total of 3363, though this was not what secured him his title as champion. At the end of the event, BennyDoesStuff and strikerbuilder also held the same average wave at 14, but the tie was broken by the highest wave reached by each player.

Shoutout to TNTexplosive, JackJack33, and CreativityUnited for hitting the highest wave at 23!

Event Leaderboard (Top 10 by Average Highest Wave) 

1. captainMonkey

2. BennyDoesStuff

3. strikerbuilder

4. ClutchRuss

5. BingerBonger

6. McRock

7. _Flamehead_

8. FamousProdigy

9. Deolch

10. MLG_MC

View the full leaderboard at

Thank you to all who participated in our Boot Camp event! We hope to see you at our last event on August 26th, where you’ll be able to play online or in select Microsoft stores. Follow @SLGMinecraft on Facebook and @SLGMinecraft on Twitter for the latest updates on our events.