Soccer is a game of speed, accuracy, and teamwork, meaning only the most synergized teams will come out on top. Will it be yours? 

The Map

What’s summer without a trip to the beach? Play soccer by the ocean in our custom map!

Tip: The soccer pitch is enclosed by walls that you can bounce the ball off of!

Spawning & Moving

Each team spawns on their side of the map and a large soccer ball drops in the center of the pitch. Players move at double speed during the game, and they can also double jump. 

Pro Tip: To double jump, press the jump key twice.

The Ball

Players can dribble the ball by connecting with it and kick the ball by attacking it. The ball will leave a particle trail that will be red or blue depending on which team hit the ball last. 

Pro Tip: Pay attention to the ball’s trail to better process and predict its speed and where it will go. 


If teams are tied when the round ends, the round goes into sudden death, meaning the first goal wins. Balls are periodically added to the field of play, thus increasing the number of opportunities to score a goal dramatically. 

Pro Tip: The longer overtime goes on, the stronger your defense should be.

Shootout Game

If there is an odd number of teams, one team will be without an opponent. The odd team out will instead play a shootout game where the objective is to score as many goals as possible. At first, the balls will all spawn in the center, but over time they will spawn in different parts of the pitch. Eventually, the goal will be guarded by a roaming zombie goalie. A team that plays the Shootout Game is awarded a round win regardless of score. 

Pro Tip: Don’t rely on getting a shootout game, as the chances will be rare.


To win Soccer, you must have the highest average points at the end of the game. This will be based on your wins and goals in each of the rounds of soccer played. 

Super League Tips:

  • Teamwork is key. Communicate with your teammates in chat to determine the best game plan against your opponents.
  • The ball’s trail is your friend. Pay attention to how the ball moves and bounces off the wall so that you can aim it precisely.
  • Double-jump. By double-tapping space, you can jump higher and be boosted forward.

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