Yep, you read that correctly. Super League Clash Nights are back for one night at Topgolf Las Vegas! Find details down below, and read more about everything else going on at Super League!



Clash Online Goes Pro

Try topped last week’s leaderboard with a total of 16 wins and 39 crowns, earning him the second overall spot in August’s Clash Online behind rizzy, who currently holds 17 wins and 53 crowns. With four game days left, there’s still a chance for players to scramble their way to first place to take him this month’s grand prize. Today’s tournament will kickoff with two special 1v1 matches featuring CRL pros: Adrian Piedra vs Royal and ah craaaap vs Oxalate on Super League TV!

Be sure to tune in for these two best-of-fives one hour before gameplay at 3pm PT. Watch here!



The Redemption of San Francisco

After their first ever City Exhibitions defeat at the hands of Boston, the San Francisco Ionics were out for blood in last Thursday’s best-of-three against the Dallas Dynamite. And while San Francisco clinched Game 1 EZPZ, Dallas would prove themselves formidable foes, snowballing in Game 2 to tie things up 1-1. In the third game of the series, an attempt by Dallas to bait the Ionics into a teamfight went horribly awry, lending San Francisco the opportunity to deliver a devastating wombo combo and take the 2-1 win. Be sure to catch this week’s City Exhibitions Thursday at 6pm PT on Super League TV!

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Moving Social Accounts

That’s right, we’re moving! If you still receive most of our announcements and other content on our Super League Clash Royale, Super League League of Legends, or Super League Minecraft social channels, be sure to follow our new accounts. For info about all upcoming Super League events and other news, follow us @joinsuperleague. For all of our streams, exclusive gaming videos, and other content, follow us @superleaguetv!



Super Leaguers Reveal the Hardest Games They’ve Ever Played

If there’s one thing we know for sure about people who work in esports, it’s that they’re competitive… and reluctant to admit when they get their butts kicked by a game. So you can imagine how much fun we had interrogating each one about the hardest video game they’ve ever played! Find out what they said in the video above.

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Clash Nights Return to Vegas

On Friday we announced Clash Nights’ return to Las Vegas for a one-time event on September 10! Compete in the Super League Clash Royale tourneys you know and love—but this time for monumental prizes, including dinners, shows, and hotel stays at the Bellagio, Aria, and MGM Grand! Find all event details here.


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