At our last Boot Camp event, hundreds of Minecraft players gathered in a game of soccer for their final opportunity to win a piece of the $10,000 scholarship prize pool and Minehut credits!


When Ryguyrocky plays Minecraft, he means business. At an incredible 7th place, Ryguyrocky claimed the title as the highest ranked special guest of Super League’s Boot Camp. Players in this event who ranked higher than him will receive an “I Beat Ryguyrocky” digital badge, as well as Minehut credits for placing in the top 20!

Check out our interview with him below!

Super League: What was your favorite moment during the event?

Ryguyrocky: I loved how everyone was such good sports during the event; everyone involved was so kind and it was just a ton of fun to be a part of. 

Super League: Congrats on finishing in 7th place! Any words for those who ranked above you?

Ryguyrocky: Thanks! Huge congrats to everyone who placed above me on the leaderboards; you guys were really, really good at working with your team to get goals. Many of  you were leaders on your team and knew how to work with any amount of people to achieve a win! Your spots on top were very well deserved! 

Super League: How did you prepare for the game?

Ryguyrocky: I actually woke up super early and ate a nice big breakfast so I would have energy for the day. I am super competitive so I really wanted to put on a show and not make a complete fool of myself! If I was tired, I probably wouldn’t have been able to win many games and help out my teammates.

Super League: What strategies did you use during the event?

Ryguyrocky: I mean teamwork was my main strategy from the start. A team with only one player trying to keep control of the ball, versus a team that is passing the ball and making plays, will always come out on top. I always started out the game by learning my teammates strengths and weaknesses and played off of it so we could use it to our advantage. 

Super League: Do you have any tips for aspiring esports pros?

Ryguyrocky: Work with your team. As someone who is a big fan of esports in general, I have seen many teams destroy the competition through sheer teamwork. I know it seems like a super basic skill, but it makes the biggest difference. I’ve seen teams with the best players in the world lose a tournament because they couldn’t work as well together compared to their opponents. 


When Deolch took the top spot in soccer, he had no intentions of letting it go… but what else would we expect from a City Champs veteran?

Throughout the three hours of Boot Camp, Deolch was uncontested for the $3,000 scholarship prize, and his lead became extremely obvious when he ended with an average of 12.20 points! For context, HyperEdits, who came in at second place, had an average of 9.61 points. Check out the special message Deolch shared with us after his victory!

Shoutout to HyperEdits who scored the most goals (137) and MasterSkye3 who played the most games (43)!

We also want to recognize strikerbuilder for having the most wins (30) and highest total points (311) in this event… but there’s more! strikerbuilder sits at the top of our combined leaderboard for all three Boot Camp events, meaning that he also gets to take home an additional $1,000 of our scholarship prize pool. Congrats!

Event Leaderboard (Top 10 by Average Points) 

1. Deolch – 12.20

2. HyperEdits – 9.61

3. PattyHitNubs – 9.50

4. WWNB – 9.14

5.  Owlcatblack – 9.00

6. strikerbuilder – 8.64

7. Ryguyrocky – 8.27

8. MLG_MC – 8.17

9. BihngerBonder – 7.63

10. EnderCobblestone – 7.62

View the full leaderboard at

And that’s a wrap! Thank you to those who participated in Super League’s Summer Boot Camp. If you’re still itching to compete in Minecraft tournaments, tickets for season 4 of City Champs are available now! Follow @SLGMinecraft on Facebook and @SLGMinecraft on Twitter now to get updates on upcoming events.