This week, eight teams from across the country faced off in our League of Legends Action Squad quarterfinals event to determine who would go on to compete for a chance at the Grand Championship. If you couldn’t tune into the livestream of the event, here’s what you missed:

Day 1: Seattle Siege vs. Los Angeles Shockwaves

Winner: SEA

Before the game had even began it became clear that the Los Angeles Shockwaves were not prepared for the level of strategic gameplay that Seattle would bring to the table. While Seattle had obviously studied up for picks and bans and arrived with a plan in mind, the Los Angeles team appeared scattered and disorganized. Sure enough, Seattle’s preparation paid off, and the Siege secured a 2-0 blowout against the Shockwaves. TehAllah playing top lane for Seattle turned out to be the MVP for Day 1, so be sure to keep an eye out for him throughout the rest of the tournament.

Day 2: New York Fury vs. Chicago Force

Winner: CHI

Day 2 of the showdown ended in another 2-0 victory, this time from Chicago. But score alone does not tell the story of what was decidedly the most exciting match of the quarterfinals. The series had everything: a Baron steal, a pentakill, and non-stop action from both teams. MVP for Day 2 went to Xèna, ADC for Chicago, who positioned herself brilliantly throughout the game and additionally dealt ridiculous amounts of damage. However, several other Day 2 players earned honorable mentions, including Kankin on support for Chicago, Lord Raging for the pentakill, and Mika Hima for her incredible Zyra performance.

Day 3: Phoenix Blaze vs. Tampa Bay Dungeoneers

Winner: PHX

Much like the Los Angeles Shockwaves on Day 1, the Tampa Bay Dungeoneers were unable to match the synergy and strategy demonstrated by their opponents, the Phoenix Blaze. Phoenix not only came prepared but seemed to have the most camaraderie out of all the Action Squads, and Tampa was simply unable to match both the individual and team performances that Phoenix brought to the game. Phoenix AS1 and team leader mouse mover takes the title of MVP for Day 3 and will be yet another player to keep an eye on throughout the rest of the tournament.

Day 4: Boston Revolt vs. Dallas Dynamite

Winner: DAL

Day 4 can be summed up in a single word: Rïsk. The Dallas jungler is an all-star by any measure; wherever we went on the map, Dallas found advantages. And although Boston put forth a worthy effort and had massive support from the Twitch livestream chat, the Revolt ultimately could not handle the pressure that Rïsk and the rest of the Dallas Dynamite brought to the Rift.

Make sure to tune into the livestream this week to catch the winning teams face off in the Action Squad Showdown semifinal and grand final events! Visit: Twitch.TV/SuperLeague