Super League Clash Nights launched in three new cities yesterday: Houston, New York, and San Francisco! Our winners of the night were Gumboe (Houston), Optimus (New York City), and Ahkora (San Francisco). Check out their decks below and watch the event on Super League TV to learn how you can be a Clash Royale king!


Houston’s Clash Royale community represented last night as players came together to create the biggest Super League Clash Nights we’ve ever had! The theater was full of competitors playing and watching as Gumboe won the finals against JTR4IN.

New York

We love hearing about new friendships born from Super League, and we’re so excited to hear that the New York event brought the city’s Clash Royale community together. Optimus stayed at the top of the ladder until the very end, beating runner-up kendricio 2-0.

San Francisco

The San Francisco finals had us at the edge of our seats! Two and a half minutes into overtime, ❤杏沖凍❤ (Apricot) had Ahkora’s tower down to 303 health. Despite this, Ahkora threw a Goblin Barrel that took out the last 57 health on the opponent’s princess tower. We hold Super League Clash Nights monthly in 16 cities across the nation and also have our inaugural season of Clash Royale City Champs starting October 23rd. To get the latest updates on these events, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!