Last Thursday, Super League Clash Nights made its way to three new cities: Chicago, Philadelphia, and Seattle! Check out the decks our winners – Waleed OP~ (Chicago), obie (Philadelphia), and Kevin (Seattle) – used to take home their victories.


Waleed OP~ had claimed his lead early in the night, boasting 290 trophies when there was still 15 minutes remaining in the tournament. He held onto his top rank tightly for the rest of the night and took home the crown after beating ss in the finals.


obie dominated the tournament and won the first place spot after going into sudden death with ENFERMEDAD in the finals. A special shoutout to one of our Minecraft players, tumblintommy, for coming out and bringing his dad along to compete!


Seattle’s finals consisted of Goblin Barrel and Log exchanges, along with some Fireball action. Though he had to play defensively in the game, Kevin took down a princess tower in the last seconds that granted him the win over L3git.

Watch Seattle’s games on Super League TV below!

We hold Super League Clash Nights monthly in 16 cities across the nation and also have our inaugural season of Clash Royale City Champs starting October 23rd. To get the latest updates on these events, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!