As summer comes to an end, so does Summer Saturdays. From July to September, League of Legends players across the country competed online and at participating Microsoft stores in Super League’s free 5v5 and ARAM tournaments.


Two lucky winners will be taking home gaming gear in the end of season raffle. In addition, 100 players will be getting 650 RP each from our weekly raffles! We’ll be announcing the winners of the leaderboard rewards in the near future; in the meantime, see if you’ve won a raffle prize below:

End of Season Raffle 

Players who competed in at least one in-store event qualify for a spot in the End of Season Rewards.

  • Attendance-Based Raffle Winner (Gaming Laptop): hopop201
  • Skill-Based Raffle Winner (Gaming Laptop, Mouse, & Headset): Unstrait

Weekly Raffles

All participating players, on-site or online, are eligible for this raffle. Each week, 10 players will be randomly selected to win 650 RP.

  • Week 1 (7/21): yoyoman82, Xkyler, Kalonia Mink, GeneralJohn27, DeidarasArt, spongeboobs, McNuggs, Weretree, EpicPockets1, Jásh
  • Week 2 (7/28): Jerrel, R Munny, miamiwlf, Qrow Xiao Long, CharmAway, Snappenfapper, H3LLoFeet, Rad but Sad, TC Coomz, TC TheTideCaller
  • Week 3 (8/4): RoGueHerO, Sprinkle m silly, Zinyoo, YukonXL, Simply Hubby, Hillsideboys, hopop201, Shinobimouse, Phase Shift, airbourneillness
  • Week 4 (8/11): Star Fire Fox, CatacombKid, Noitceridsim, Fuzypanda92, Annexity Devil, vx j dog xv, King Dexter III, PoroFlareon, FlipTablesallday, Bbeefy
  • Week 5 (8/18): Specknot, jagjoe, SmileForOnce, Skylar V, AngelSoliloquy, Auccuatt, thesilentmantis, Rice DeaIer, SoIoRenektonOnly, Zuiijinn
  • Week 6 (8/25): MarkyDaSharky, Strikingace57, StefStef Supreme, KonViet, MILKS3NPAI, SincerelyV, THE Jons, SheboyganFallsWi, KlumsyPenguin, TacticalOmelette
  • Week 7 (9/1): LvI 100 Articuno, MatrixSenpai, m0Rn, Snowdawn, thebrickofcheese, naaaynaaay, A Cool AznG, charIz, Chibichaser, Crïmsöñ
  • Week 8 (9/8): BHAT10, walkin sector9, Diox, Kimchi Krusader, R3BEL123, BigTTgothGF, Luftsiw, Hosay13, WillWontWard, TC cercert
  • Week 9 (9/15): Bilbo Sw4ggins, RESIYUN, Enay, King Zelveron, Dr AppleKnocker, Dwight Shroot, Volog, busyboyys, Higher Brothers, skr demon
  • Week 10 (9/22): Wayvern12, xNekoMaster, Oiov, SupportGodPizza, Ol Man Henderson, Varakujin, Hollin 1, DragonAce9000, GorillaFacez, CharizardsKitten

Claiming Your Raffle Prize

Super League will be reaching out to winners with instructions on how they can claim their prize. If you have changed your Summoner Name or foresee any problems with communication, please email
If you are having difficulties redeeming your RP code, add “REP-US-650-” before the 16-letter code (i.e. REP-US-650-XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX).

Summer Saturdays may be over, but our League of Legends City Champs begins on October 7th in 16 cities across the nation. Get tickets to fight for your city and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to get updates on all our upcoming tournaments!