This Fall from October to December, sixteen cities from across the country will go head to head in the inaugural season of Clash Royale City Champs. Players will battle it out on the big screen to earn points for their city and a chance at the coveted City Champs title, along with a host of exclusive prizes. 

Tournament Structure

City Champs is comprised of three events: the Barbarians Cup (October 23), Archers Cup (November 13), and King Cup (December 11). Players are not required to participate in all three events to earn points for their city or be eligible for prizing. Instead, players can choose to participate in one, two, or all three events according to their preference.  

Each of the three Cups will adhere to the same format. The first hour of each Cup will include a local ranking tournament, where participants will compete against other players within their city to earn trophies. This part of the tournament is identical to that of Super League Clash Nights, so players who have attended a Clash Nights event in the past will be familiar with its structure. 

At the end of this first hour of competition the five players with the most trophies in each city will be named Champions, and the event will transition to a nationwide tournament. This round of gameplay is where players will have a chance to earn points for their city. It’s also where the tournament structure gets a little complicated, so bear with us here!  

Only the five players who earned the most trophies from each city will enter a second hour of gameplay, in which they will be seeded in one of five tiers according to their rank. Each participant will then compete against the fifteen players from across the country who also placed within their tier. That is to say that the first-place player from each city will face off against the first-place players from all other cities, second-place players against all other second-place players, and so on. 

The maximum number of points a player can earn for their city will be determined by their tier. In the Barbarians Cup and Archers Cup, for example, a player who placed first during the local tournament can earn up to 160 points for their city if they also place first during the national tournament. However, a player who placed second during the local tournament will only earn 144 points if they place first during the national tournament. For the King Cup, the maximum number of points a player can earn for their city is double that of the Barbarians Cup and Archers Cup. For a closer look at how each player wins points for their city, click here. 

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At the end of each event, the five players from the winning City Club will be declared the Grand Champions of that Cup. And finally, after all three Cups have been concluded, the city with the most points across all events will be declared Clash Royale Season One City Champs!


All City Champs participants will have a chance to win exclusive prizes. At the end of each event, we’ll be raffling off a range of epic SuperCell merch including figures, accessories, apparel, and other collectibles! In addition, all Champions in each city will win a City Club jersey and a swag bag, and all Grand Champions will earn a Clash Royale e-gift card. 

How to Play

Clash Royale City Champs events will be held in-person at sixteen theaters nationwide. To get in on the action, players will need to be at least thirteen years of age, have a level eight Clash Royale account, and bring their own mobile Android or iOS device to all events. In addition, all participants must register online for each Cup they plan on attending, available here.

Join us for three nights of incredible gameplay in this premier season of Clash Royale City Champs! If you have additional questions about City Champs, check out our explainer video here, or join the discussion on our Facebook page. And don’t forget to check in with us on our blog, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter in the coming weeks for all City Champs news and announcements.