Post updated October 17, 2018.

League of Legends City Champs is returning this Fall for a fourth season of epic gameplay and fierce competition. Over a three-month period, the top amateur players from sixteen cities across the nation will battle it out on the big screen, clamoring to local theaters to stake their claim at the coveted City Champs title.

This season, Super League is rolling out some changes to the City Champs tournament structure. But don’t worry, we’ve fleshed it all out for you right here! Welcome to City Champs 101, Summoners. Today we’re breaking down City Champs Qualifiers, which is broken into two parts: an online phase and an in-person phase.

Online Qualifiers

For the online qualifier phase, players will queue up from any location using Super League’s Online Match Making System, which will open three times a week from October 21 to November 14:

  • Wednesdays @ 6pm-9pm PT / 9pm-12am ET*
  • Saturdays @ 10am-4pm PT / 1pm-7pm ET
  • Sundays @ 5pm-11pm PT / 8pm-2am ET

*There will be no gameplay Wednesday, October 31. Instead, a play window will be added on Tuesday, October 30 from 6pm-9pm Pacific Time / 9pm-12am Eastern Time. 

Throughout qualifiers, players will compete in one of four tiers to earn a place on their City Club team. Ranked players of all skill levels are welcome to compete and experience what it’s like to play like a pro, and can choose to compete in any tier (and in as many tiers) for which they are eligible:

  • Tier 1: Gold and above
  • Tier 2: Platinum and below
  • Tier 3: Gold and below
  • Tier 4: Silver and below

Players must complete at least 15 games within a tier AND within a specific role (Top, Jungle, Mid, Bot, or Support) to qualify for their City Club team. Players can switch tiers or roles as many times as they’d like—however, they must still complete 15 games in each tier or role in order to be eligible to qualify for a team.

There will be six rounds of elimination during the qualifying period—one at the end of each week—during which a percentage of players at the bottom of the leaderboard will be cut. Placement on the leaderboard is determined by the following stats, listed in order of importance:

  • Win percentage
  • Number of games played
  • KDA ratio
  • Lowest average game length

If at any point a player is eliminated from a tier in a role, they are no longer eligible to queue in that same tier and role for the remainder of City Champs. They can, however, choose to switch to a new tier and/or a new role.

In-Person Qualifiers

For the in-person qualifier phase, players MUST attend at least one of two in-person qualifier events held on November 12 and 14. If a player fails to attend at least one of the in-person qualifier events, they will be ineligible to advance to divisional play. Players should check here for the time and location for in-person qualifier events in their city.

Roster Phase

Finally, at the end of six weeks, Super League will notify all players who have qualified for a City Club team. Each city will be represented by six teams (Team A, B, C, D, E, and F) which will pull qualifying players from specific tiers:

  • Tier 1 — Team A
  • Tier 2 — Team B and C
  • Tier 3 — Team D and E
  • Tier 4 — Team F

This makes for a total of thirty core players per City Club. In addition, four fill players per tier will be selected to create a sixteen-person bench in each city. There will be no gameplay during the roster phase. Instead, qualifying players only need to accept their invitation to represent their City Club, or else be replaced with the next highest-placed player in their tier and role!

How to Play

To take part in City Champs, players must be at least fourteen years of age, be of level 30 or higher in League of Legends, own a minimum of 20 champions, be placed in ranked, and have access to a laptop that meets the minimum specs outlined here. All players must also purchase a ticket and be able to attend at least one in-person qualifier event. Finally, players must be prepared to attend two in-theater events each week for three weeks if they qualify for their City Club team.

This season is your chance to become a champion. To hone your skills alongside fellow Summoners and learn what it takes to be a competitive gamer, sign up for City Champs between now and October 27 here!

Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for another City Champs 101 as we start to unpack City Champs Divisionals, Semifinals, and Grand Final! And for updates on all City Champs details and announcements, stay tuned to our blog and social media.

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