The first Super League Clash Nights of October started off with a bang! In eight cities across the nation, Clash Royale players came to prove they were the top player in their community. We saw both newcomers and returners claiming their place as king… Will you be next?

Check out the winning decks from last night’s final games below and re-live the events through our stream on Super League TV.


It was a battle between the elements as Kakashi_Hatake of the Broken Light clan and iPerish of the Lgue of Shadows faced off in the finals. While Kakashi_Hatake won last month, he iPerished at the hands of his enemy.


All bets were on FlyingChinaman, a player who made it to last month’s finals and dominated the leaderboard during this event. However, Sir Lane IV secured the victory after climbing his way to the top throughout the night, leaving FlyingChinaman hovering in second place for a second month in a row.


We hope Waleed OP~ enjoyed his last month as Chicago’s Super League Clash Nights king, because MiddleSky had his eye on the October spot, taking home game 3 despite being new to the finals. A nice reminder to our players to shoot for the stars – but MiddleSky works, too.


In September, jun made it to the finals but was beaten. Tonight, with a single second left against MattuesGamer before the finals became a draw, jun threw a fireball that proved he was back with a mission: to be the October Super League Clash Nights king of Dallas.


There was some fun tension within the BIG MEATY CLAWS clan as its members, Zayden and Hunior, played each other in Denver’s finals. We support a clan with friends who do stuff together. Congrats to Zayden; he was number one.

Las Vegas

JAKE from PandaScheme left Fire Rocket wishing he bought tower insurance. Despite Fire Rocket sending giants in both lanes, JAKE’s strong defense protected his towers until the end.

Los Angeles

Who doesn’t know the name Blaze by now? The beloved Super League Clash Nights superstar won yet another game, facing off in the finals against newcomer Hellen Keller. Hellen Keller’s favorite card is Lava Hound, which is also a favorite of someone you’ll always see at our LA events – Parkajr!


Our favorite kitchen drinkware made it back to the finals – and of course, he did so excitedly. excitedteapot kept the pressure on 3dy550m‘s towers before winning his second Super League Clash Nights event. As of now, we are dubbing his fans as the excitedteacups because we know we’ll be seeing him again.

We hold Super League Clash Nights monthly in 16 cities across the nation and also have our inaugural season of Clash Royale City Champs starting October 23rd. To get the latest updates on these events, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!