It’s the spooky season… and what better way than to celebrate by competing for treats? This Sunday, fight zombies in a FREE online Minecraft tournament! 

  • Find your allies. Play for a chance to be placed on a team with ParkerGames, Shubble, Strawburry17, or Art Eddy (Life of Dad).
  • Home, sweet home. Compete nationally from the comfort of your home using any PC or Mac device.
  • It wouldn’t be Halloween without candy. The top players will receive a Taste of Nature prize pack.
  • Prepare to play like a pro. All registrants will receive a promo code for $5 off Minecraft City Champs.

Sign up for Spooky Camp now!

* If you plan to play on Minecraft Java Edition, Spooky Camp will be held on version 1.12.2For information on how to revert to 1.12.2, visit our FAQ

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