Last night, Summoners from sixteen cities nationwide gathered at local LAN centers for Super League’s League of Legends City Champs Launch Parties! Players old and new enjoyed a night of food, gameplay, and prizes to kick off the long-anticipated fourth season of City Champs, as well as to meet and greet some of their potential City Club teammates. 

Events ranged from large to small with the highest turnout at Waypoint Cafe in New York, where over one hundred players came out to participate in 1v1 and 5v5 tournaments and win giveaway prizes, including a free City Champs ticket to the player who earned the most raffle tickets throughout the night! 

The Launch Parties also offered a team of brand-new Super League Ambassadors the opportunity to rep Super League within their city, showing newcomers just what this group of gamers is all about!  

“People made friends, everyone was excited … and there was a lot of talk about [the] upcoming season,” said Chaska Taylor, Super League Ambassador from Los Angeles. “We met some new people [and] introduced them to our community.” 

“I felt like the event brought me closer to everyone,” said Fedor Ouspensky, one of three Ambassadors from Washington, D.C. “We were packed. It was so nice to see players from past seasons, [and] most of the A team from Season Three came too!” 

The events also featured a whopping six-hour livestream of Get ReKT with Michelle on Super League TV! LAN centers in all sixteen cities across the country tuned in to watch Super League’s @Missyeru play ARAMs and vote on which hilarious dares streamers would do throughout the show.  

With the first day of City Champs Online Qualifiers only three days away, it’s time for players from our sixteen cities to band together! Thanks for coming out to Super League’s League of Legends City Champs Launch Parties, Summoners! We’ll see you for Season Four! 

Good luck, have fun! 

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