Prior to 2018, Royal Never Give Up’s Uzi was widely considered the best League of Legends player to never win anything—the only player to ever get second place at Worlds twice. 2018 has been a turnaround for RNG: LPL Spring Playoffs, 2018 Mid-Season Invitational, Demacia Cup, Rift Rivals 2018, LPL Summer Playoffs, and even the Asia Games. Every single one has fallen to Uzi and the rest of RNG.  

It’s not something I ever thought I’d say, but in some way I feel connected to the RNG storyline. My first love, the Seattle Siege, is following a similar one. Prior to 2018, Seattle was the best team in Super League to never win anything. But I have a feeling that City Champs Season Four is our golden hour.  

While Seattle missed out on Season One, we swept the West Coast in Season Two, and made it all the way to the finals after some incredibly close matches. Only a handful of points separated us from the other Division champions, but it was enough to deny us the Championship. In Season Three, we dominated the West Coast Division. It seemed we were on track to surpass our performance from previous years—to become the next City Champs. Unfortunately, we couldn’t pull it out, and we faltered in the Semifinals.  

Despite our performance in City Champs, the Seattle Siege has become a force to be reckoned with in every other Super League event. The Siege dominated the first Action Squad Showdown, as well as this past summer’s in the saga of “Ed and the Wards.” Red Bull All Stars was also a clear victory for our Team A, proving that our best players could outperform any of the other cities’.  

So why does the championship still elude us?   

Maybe we’re just having too much fun. Maybe the friendly atmosphere and our off-season winning streak leave us relaxed and overconfident. Maybe it really is the ping, because it can’t be that Chicago’s better than us. At our best, no other city can match us. We just need to figure out how to ensure that our best is what we’re always bringing. 

While I’ve only been part of Seattle’s Action Squad since Season Two, serving as shoutcaster and AS1, it’s been incredible to see how well the Siege has grown as a team. The Siege has become something much greater than a group of teammates, and the wave of Seattle players crashes wherever we go. Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Las Vegas—even Phoenix and Chicago—I’m telling you now: you better come to play. The Siege has taken everything else, and there’s only one more feather left to add to our caps. With Worlds unfolding throughout City Champs Qualifiers, we are reminded that we are on the path to greatness. We’re hungry. We’re prepared. You can’t stop our ascension.  

The ranks of the Siege are swelling with returning members as well as new talent, hungry to win. Expectations for Seattle are high, but I know we will far surpass them.

Good luck, have fun!

Josh “Joushi” Howard


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