Online Quals Survival Kit!
Season 4 of City Champs Online Qualifiers are starting 10/21!
Grab your Slightly Magical Boots and potions as you run into the Rift!

If you’re new to city champs or a seasoned veteran please read this survival guide to make sure you have the best experience!

Online Qualifiers begin at 5:00pm PDT on Sunday, October 21st. All cities will compete simultaneously to ensure queues are as healthy as possible. Feel free to use the handy time zone converter right here if you need it.

The calendar below is in Pacific Time.

To be eligible for a roster spot, you’ll have to complete at least 15 games in a single role during the weeks of Online and In-Person Qualifiers. You can qualify for as many roles as you’d like but need to complete 15 games in each role, not just 15 total. You are required to attend at least one of the In-Person Qualifers.

Find out more info about In-Person Qualifiers, including your theater location, here.

Tier rank breakdown:

  • Tier 1: Team A (Gold and above)
  • Tier 2: Team B-C (Platinum and below)
  • Tier 3: Team D-E (Gold and below)
  • Tier 4: Team F (Silver and below)

This season, we’ve upgraded the way you jump into matches!

New site who dis? We’ve attached a video to show you how to queue; if videos aren’t your thing, below is a step-by-step guide.

  • Login to your profile
  • Click the ‘Events’ tab
  • Click the ‘Play Now’ button in the tier you choose to compete in (if you’re qualified to compete in more than 1)
  • Click ‘Join’ next to the role you are playing.
  • You’ve successfully queued up!


You’ll compete in Online Qualifiers using your Player Dashboard on Just hit up the link below and the onscreen info will guide you through the matchmaking process. If you run into any issues during the event, you can hit us up via Live Chat support on the site or via email at


  • Don’t dodge lobbies. Matchmaking is working as intended unless told otherwise.
  • Be nice and don’t troll. Remember, you’ll be meeting a lot of these people IRL.
  • Be mindful of the tier you’re queuing into! Check the video above to be sure!
  • Pace yourself! You have 4 weeks to get 15 games in your desired role, scout the competition, ID the roles you want to prioritize placement on, and take advantage of information that is presented to you on the leaderboard!

If you run into queue dodging or other unsavory behavior, submit a report via the link below. Please include a screenshot of the situation in question if possible.

If you run into any issues during the event you can hit us up via Live Chat support on the site or via email at:

  • We have a live blog that will be up to date for any bugs or errors we might find: LIVE BLOG HERE

Join in the conversation on Facebook by joining our group or official discord with links below. We’ll be sharing live updates on the status of Online Qualifiers and you can talk to other players competing in the event.

Here are Season 4’s Official Rules:
Official Super League Discord:
If you have any questions, please e-mail:

Still need to sign up -> Ticket sales close on 10/28 at 12:00AM PT ->