Earlier this year, Super League announced an exciting partnership with Capcom to add Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition into its event programming. We’re now happy to add that this partnership will produce a City vs. City Exhibitions tournament that will lead up to a Super League City Champs, both hosted at some of the most popular local FGC events!   

 Super League has partnered with 16 FGC locals, led by CEO Gaming‘s Alex Jebailey, that will take the national stage and compete against each other every month in our City vs. City Exhibitions. These matches will get players accustomed to our fun team-based Street Fighter format, lay the groundwork for intense rivalries, and allow each community to get familiar with their opponents prior to City Champs.  

City Champs will start in Q1 2020 with each of our TOs, or tournament operators, selecting teams to represent their city and earn their way into the 8-team playoffs. Through City Champs, we’ll be showcasing the most skilled amateur Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition players nationwide and crowning the best of the best as the City Champions!     

Want to join the fun? Check out our list of participating TOs below: 


City TO Name Twitter
Tampa, FL  Tong Lee  @tongneversleeps 
Miami, FL  Ryan Mejia  @convictedoffun 
San Juan, PR  Mono  @MonoPR 
Atlanta, GA  Darius Patterson  @adapt09 
Toronto, Canada  Andrew Nguyen  @drewface_ 
Phoenix, AZ  Armando Mejia  @AZAngelic 
Hammond, LA  Stefon Williams  @MastaStef 
Van Nuys, CA  Azad Jarrahzadeh  @818azad 
Brooklyn, NY  Henry Cen  @goldencen 
Wasilla, AK  Brandon Meiners  @itsBarndo 
Houston, TX  Javier Moreno  @JaviSRK 
Boston, MA Daniel Lehmann  @FortunateDaniel 
Cleveland, OH  Keven Barrera  @OHBigBoss 
San Francisco, CA  Aura Vazquez  @AuraMistress 
Las Vegas, NV  Andy Reanrungroch  @pressstartlv 
Plymouth, MN  Kevin Langham  @PhenOm07_