Hey Everyone!

Just wanted to bring you a quick update on team configurations. Now that LoL Qualifiers are complete, We’ve been assessing the full scope of the underpopulated cities and how these will affect rosters.

We’ve been getting a lot of players asking, “What happens if our city doesn’t have enough players to field a full team?” The truth is some cities don’t have enough to field a full Season 4 team, and that’s ok! We’ve come up with a solution that will be beneficial to every city in City Champs!

Our main priority here at Super League is to create a positive gaming experience for all our players, regardless of skill level or number of participants in their city. At the same time, we want to be able to maintain competitive integrity.

To best accommodate players in cities with fewer players, we’ve decided to reshuffle and rename our divisions!

The 4 divisions will be named after the following Regions of Runeterra:


  • Chicago
  • Boston
  • New York
  • Washington D.C


  • Miami
  • Tampa Bay
  • Dallas
  • Houston


  • Denver
  • Phoenix
  • Los Angeles
  • Seattle


  • Atlanta
  • Philadelphia
  • Las Vegas
  • San Francisco


Why are we doing this?
The teams in the Void couldn’t field full teams. We heard your feedback that forfeit points were painful in Season 3. We wanted to provide another solution—one that would maintain the integrity of the competition and still provide all players with a great experience. For these reasons the Void will be playing in their own online City Champs tournament.

Each City Club in the Void will be comprised of two five-person teams, which will play on Tuesdays and Thursdays and have their games broadcasted on Super League TV.  Each team will also have alternate players (exact amount TBD).

The format will be a single-round robin bracket stage (online) with a single-day Finals/3rd place match (in-person at local LAN centers). The matchups will mirror City Champs in Bo2 style play, no scoring adjustments required! Team members will receive jerseys for attending the LAN Center Void Finals, and there will be scaling RP rewards for players depending on where their city places!!

The Void Schedule – Times TBA:

  • Thurs, Nov 29 – Divisionals (Online)
  • Tues, Dec 4 – Divisionals (Online)
  • Thurs, Dec 6 – Divisionals (Online)
  • Thurs, Dec 13 – Finals (In-Person at local LAN centers)


Piltover, Noxus, and Demacia Schedule — Times TBA:

  • Wed, Nov 28 – Divisionals
  • Mon, Dec 3 – Divisionals
  • Wed, Dec 5 – Divisionals
  • Mon, Dec 10 – Semi-Finals
  • Wed, Dec 12 – Finals

All games will take place at your local theater venue. Find your local theater here!

Keep your eyes peeled for the first cycle of roster notification emails going out tomorrow.

We are really excited about these changes and we hope you will be too!

Feel free to ask any questions—we’ll be monitoring this thread all day!



-Super League Gaming