And our Season 4 Minecraft City Champs are…

When the Los Angeles Shockwaves didn’t make it out of Divisionals for the first time in Minecraft City Champs history, it left everyone wondering who would take home the crown this year. Little did we know, it would be the Las Vegas Wildcards who secured the the title!

With two Grand Finalist veterans (New York Fury and Dallas Dynamite) and two newcomers (Las Vegas Wildcards and Tampa Bay Dungeoneers) going head-to-head, the last day of the season was full of high stakes and fierce competition. Two games in, Las Vegas and Tampa Bay were tied while Dallas led 5-1 over New York.

In the end, Las Vegas defeated Tampa Bay 3-1 while Dallas ended with an incredible 12-4 score against New York. As Tampa Bay and New York played for third place, Las Vegas and Dallas battled for their Nickelodeon Victory Party… and more importantly, the right to call themselves Minecraft City Champs!

Going into the Grand Final, Las Vegas ramped up their lead one game mode at at time; their 2-1 score after Domination quickly grew into a 7-2 lead after Mayhem… culminating in a final win that kept the City Champs title in the Western Division.

Congrats to our Season 4 Champions! We can’t wait to see you all at the Nickelodeon Victory Party.

Thank you to all the players who competed this season; we’ll keep working to bring you great Minecraft events, online and in-person.

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