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Welcome to Hail!

Hail is a PVP-oriented game mode where players can take 1 of 3 entrances into the PvP arena and quite literally jump right into the action! To learn more about this Christmas-themed server, we asked the owner of Hail, SlickNicky10, to tell us more about the server.

If you’re in the holiday spirit, hop into via your Minecraft client now! With a Christmas sale coming soon, you won’t want to miss out on a chance to unlock some Merry Chests and Christmas fun.

How It Works

  • Coins are the main currency on the server, allowing players to buy items and upgrade their weapon, armor, and perks. Obtain coins by mining ores with your pickaxe, getting kills in combat, or winning a prize from the Soul Well.
  • Item Shops are NPCs labeled by holograms located around the sides of spawn.
  • To win bonus coins, use your Souls at the Soul Well! You earn 1 Soul for each kill, and once you have 10 of these Souls, you are able to roll the Soul Well. You can store up to 50 Souls by default, but you can increase that limit by purchasing a rank using /store.
  • When you get a killstreak of 5 or higher, a Bounty of 50 Coins will automatically be placed on you. To tell if a player has a bounty on them, look for a hologram above their head saying “BOUNTY ON (PLAYER) FOR (AMOUNT) COINS”. Every 5 kills in the killstreak above 5 will result in a +50 Coin bounty bump on the player. If the player dies by themselves (falling into the void, logging out, etc.), their kill streak will reset and the bounty prize will have no winner!

The Growth of Hail

We asked SlickNicky10 to tell us more memories about Hail:

Creation had loads of fun memories before the server was released to the public. The most common people online during Pre-Alpha were me, my friend and his brother. We used to just play casually and mess around with each other. This was before perks were added, so things were generally pretty basic. There used to be a bug with the NPCs where you could trigger them with a projectile, so we would constantly mess around with each other by shooting an arrow or a fireball at the Item Shop NPC to quickly obtain more items without leaving the warzone.

One of the most memorable moments after release was when Super League joined for the first time during the first ever episode of Good Grief. Seeing the reactions of Trent and Michael was an amazing experience and I’m glad that Trent and Super League have been there with us since the beginning!

Including that first time, we’ve actually been featured on Good Grief three times! We used to be called “PrisunPvP”; check out the clip below of the first time Trent and the rest of Super League have even seen our server – it’s my favorite!

Tips & Tricks

  • Upgrade your Sword first using the Kit Upgrades NPC to the left of spawn. It costs 25 Coins to upgrade to a stone sword, allowing you to start dealing meaningful damage.
  • If you see a lot of players coming from one entrance, avoid that entrance and take another one.
  • Mine the Coal Ore if you can, as they reward 1 coin each.
  • Try getting kills early-on by fighting other players your level or knocking higher players into the void; however, be careful with higher level players: they could have items such as Slime Launchers and Ender Pearls to help them escape certain death!
  • Once you’ve fully upgraded your armor, bow and sword, unlock and fully upgrade the Double Dip perk as soon as possible. At its highest level, it grants a 90% chance to double the coin reward from kills. It’s an investment that will make getting expensive upgrades and legendary perks a lot easier.
  • Find the powerup spawner below to get special features like your own Dragon!

One of the most unique features on Hail is the Powerup Spawner. One of the powerups that spawns here is Dragon Rider, which allows you to ride a dragon around the arena. The Powerup Spawner is located in the very back of the arena after the Emerald Ore Spawner over 300 blocks away from the spawnpoint. After a powerup is collected, it will be 10 minutes until another one spawns.

Want to Learn More about Hail?

Hail is part of a network! SN10Hub has existed on Minehut for over a year now, creating servers with unique concepts and ideas that have always gotten players engaged and interested. There is a custom IP for the server too: and a Wiki guide in progress. You can also stay up-to-date with Hail on the SN10Hub Discord and Twitter.

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