Nov 15 | Super League Updates

Super League and Capcom Are Bringing Local Players and Tournament Operators Together!

Earlier this year, Super League announced an exciting partnership with Capcom to add Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition into its event programming. We’re now happy to add that this partnership will produce a City vs. City Exhibitions […]

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Feb 26 | Super League Updates

Super League Goes Public

Super Leaguers, You’ve been with us through City Champs seasons, digital tournaments, viewing parties and more. Over the past three years across several game titles, we’ve celebrated three-peat City Champs winners, seen countless Barons captured, […]

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Nov 28 | City Champs: LoL Events

Tournament Updates: The Void

This page will be updated periodically throughout the Void divisional phase of League of Legends City Champs. Stay tuned here for scoring details following each day of divisional gameplay! Divisionals Day One Team Game 1 […]

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Oct 19 | Community Features

Super League Under Siege: Will Seattle Take Season 4?

Prior to 2018, Royal Never Give Up’s Uzi was widely considered the best League of Legends player to never win anything—the only player to ever get second place at Worlds twice. 2018 has been a turnaround for RNG: LPL […]

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Oct 15 | Community Features

What Does a Championship Mean to the LA Shockwaves?

What does a championship mean to the LA Shockwaves? To be brutally honest, not much.  I have been involved with Super League and the LA Shockwaves since before Season 1 was even released, and I have watched my […]

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Oct 10 | Community Features

LA Shockwaves: The Ultimate Underdogs

The LA Shockwaves have had high expectations for themselves heading into every season of League of Legends City Champs. With LCS happening so close to home, LA players want a taste of that glory more than most. While one might assume […]

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Oct 5 | Community Features

What Will Season 4 Hold For The Chicago Force?

We all have our story about how we got here. Some of us wanted to emulate our favorite LCS players. Some of us wanted to have bragging rights. Some of us just wanted a jersey. At the end […]

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