Nov 4 | Your Guides

Your Guide to Minecraft City Champs S4 Scoring

How Scoring Works: Season 4 of Minecraft City Champs introduces a new format and scoring system designed to produce fair and balanced results regardless of the number of players on each city club. To achieve […]

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Nov 1 | City Champs: Minecraft Events

Minecraft City Champs: A Look Back at Season 3

As we head into Season 4 of Minecraft City Champs, the same question remains: can anyone defeat the LA Shockwaves? Throughout the first three seasons of Minecraft City Champs, the Los Angeles Shockwaves have stayed undefeated, winning every Divisional Round as well […]

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Oct 24 | City Champs: Minecraft Events

Meet the Kids Playing Their Way To A Free Education

Esports are more than just fun and games – they’ve become a launching pad for brand deals, sponsorships, and even college scholarships! Over the past year, the number of college scholarships for esports athletes (yes, athletes!) […]

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Jul 12 | Events Minecraft Boot Camp

Minecraft Boot Camp Event #1 Rescheduled

Hey Super League Boot Camp Attendees!   We want to make sure you have a top-tier experience at Super League’s Summer Boot Camp. As a result, we are rescheduling Boot Camp Event #1: Domination to Sunday, July 22nd. […]

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Jul 10 | Events Minecraft Boot Camp

Minecraft Boot Camp 101: Domination

Domination places you on a team with the goal of capturing and defending as many points on the map as possible. You’ll have to work with your team to defend your captured objectives zones – […]

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May 21 | City Champs: Minecraft Events

Grand Final Recap: Shockwaves Cement Their Dynasty

The Los Angeles Shockwaves have won their third-straight Super League Championship continuing their reign in Minecraft City Champs. Facing stiff competition from the other Grand Finalists, LA defeated Dallas, Boston, and DC to claim the […]

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May 17 | City Champs: Minecraft Events

Grand Final Insider: Boston Revolt

After a hard-fought battle for the Eastern Division title, Boston is in the Minecraft City Champs Grand Final. This is not new territory for the Revolt; Season 1 of City Champs not only saw Boston make it to […]

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May 16 | City Champs: Minecraft Events

Grand Final Insider: Dallas Dynamite

The Dallas Dynamite make their return to the Grand Final in this season of Minecraft City Champs. Dallas is no stranger to the Grand Final having played against LA and Boston in prior seasons, losing to LA each time. […]

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May 15 | City Champs: Minecraft Events

Grand Final Insider: D.C. Conspirators

Season 3 of City Champs saw the introduction of four new franchises: the Philadelphia Specters, Tampa Bay Dungeoneers, Atlanta Bashers, and Washington DC Conspirators. With each team embarking on their Inaugural campaign, the league did […]

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May 14 | City Champs: Minecraft Events

Grand Final Insider: Los Angeles

Los Angeles started this season as the favorite to win the Super League Championship following back-to-back undefeated title runs in Season 1 and 2. However, this season introduced new teams to Super League, divisional realignment […]

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