Jul 30 | Community Features

Playing Support, In-Game and Out

Seattle player Lonness Valenna sat down for an interview with Super League’s Audrey Miano to discuss finding a niche in the gaming space, enacting positive change within one’s community, and what it means to play support. Responses […]

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Jun 26 | Community Features

How Video Games Empower Queer Gamers

Every June, millions of people from around the world come together for parades, conventions, workshops, and other social events to celebrate Pride Month, a time to commemorate the contributions that members of the LGBTQ+ community […]

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Apr 1 | Community Features

We Interviewed Women From Across The Gaming Industry, Here’s What We Learned

To wrap up Women’s History Month, Super League reached out to women professionals from across the gaming, esports, and tech communities to hear about the present state of the industry, their professional experience, and what advice […]

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Mar 22 | Community Features

Women in Gaming: Super League’s Competitive Players

We continue our celebration of Women’s History Month by spotlighting our very own Super League players! We are so proud of the women in our community who are unafraid to show off their skills and […]

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Mar 8 | Community Features

Celebrating the Women of Super League

Happy International Women’s Day! To celebrate International Women’s Day and kick off our Women in Gaming series for Women’s History Month, we wanted to highlight the women of Super League who help bring your gaming […]

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Oct 19 | Community Features

Super League Under Siege: Will Seattle Take Season 4?

Prior to 2018, Royal Never Give Up’s Uzi was widely considered the best League of Legends player to never win anything—the only player to ever get second place at Worlds twice. 2018 has been a turnaround for RNG: LPL […]

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Oct 15 | Community Features

What Does a Championship Mean to the LA Shockwaves?

What does a championship mean to the LA Shockwaves? To be brutally honest, not much.  I have been involved with Super League and the LA Shockwaves since before Season 1 was even released, and I have watched my […]

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Oct 10 | Community Features

LA Shockwaves: The Ultimate Underdogs

The LA Shockwaves have had high expectations for themselves heading into every season of League of Legends City Champs. With LCS happening so close to home, LA players want a taste of that glory more than most. While one might assume […]

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Oct 5 | Community Features

What Will Season 4 Hold For The Chicago Force?

We all have our story about how we got here. Some of us wanted to emulate our favorite LCS players. Some of us wanted to have bragging rights. Some of us just wanted a jersey. At the end […]

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