Dec 4 | Minecraft

Build Your Spider-Verse | Live Blog

Build Your Spider-Verse is an online Minecraft Build Competition where participants will get a chance to win a Limited Edition Spider-Man™ PlayStation 4 Pro, as well as a Spider-Man™ PS4 game and prize pack! Each […]

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Dec 3 | Minecraft

Minecraft City Champs: Grand Final

And our Season 4 Minecraft City Champs are… When the Los Angeles Shockwaves didn’t make it out of Divisionals for the first time in Minecraft City Champs history, it left everyone wondering who would take […]

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Nov 19 | Minecraft

Minecraft City Champs: Divisionals Week 3

Divisionals are over! Congrats to the Dallas Dynamite, New York Fury, Tampa Bay Dungeoneers, and Las Vegas Wildcards for making it to the next stage of Minecraft City Champs. With three-time champion Los Angeles officially […]

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Nov 14 | Minecraft

Minecraft City Champs: Season 4 Schedule

Find more info about your event on your City Champs ticket below! For an overview of Minecraft City Champs Season 4, check out our City Champs 101 blog post. Schedule 10/27: Practice Day 11/3: Divisionals – […]

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Nov 12 | Minecraft

Minecraft City Champs: Divisionals Week 2

Season 4 of Minecraft City Champs is bringing many surprises due to the new and improved format. During our second week of Divisionals, new contenders have emerged, making this one of the most exciting seasons […]

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Nov 7 | Minecraft

Minecraft City Champs: Divisionals Week 1

Last Saturday, the first day of Divisionals for Season 4 of Minecraft City Champs brought some surprises. With a new format and fresh start, our sixteen cities eagerly battled it out for a chance to […]

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Nov 4 | Minecraft

Minecraft City Champs 101: Scoring

How Scoring Works: Season 4 of Minecraft City Champs introduces a new format and scoring system designed to produce fair and balanced results regardless of the number of players on each city club. To achieve […]

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Nov 1 | Minecraft

Minecraft City Champs: A Look Back at Season 3

As we head into Season 4 of Minecraft City Champs, the same question remains: can anyone defeat the LA Shockwaves? Throughout the first three seasons of Minecraft City Champs, the Los Angeles Shockwaves have stayed undefeated, winning every Divisional Round as well […]

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Oct 24 | Minecraft

Meet the Kids Playing Their Way To A Free Education

Esports are more than just fun and games – they’ve become a launching pad for brand deals, sponsorships, and even college scholarships! Over the past year, the number of college scholarships for esports athletes (yes, athletes!) […]

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Oct 17 | Minecraft

Resurrect Your Halloween Spirit with Spooky Camp

It’s the spooky season… and what better way than to celebrate by competing for treats? This Sunday, fight zombies in a FREE online Minecraft tournament!  Find your allies. Play for a chance to be placed on a […]

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