Jul 30 | Minecraft

Minecraft Boot Camp: Meet The Jovenshire

The Jovenshire is joining us for the second event of Super League’s Summer Boot Camp! As a host of Smosh Games, Jovenshire is a veteran creator in the YouTube community. When he’s not playing alongside his friends in MariCraft, he’s chiming in […]

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Jul 24 | Minecraft

Minecraft Boot Camp Recap: Domination

The first event of Super League’s Summer Boot Camp launched this past Sunday with 100s of players competing for a portion of the $10,000 scholarship and Minehut credits! Players fought fiercely for the top spot […]

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Jul 20 | Minecraft

Minecraft Boot Camp Checklist

The next online event of Super League’s Summer Boot Camp is this Sunday, August 5th from 12pm to 3 pm PT. Here’s a checklist to make sure you’re prepared to take home some Minehut credits and a piece […]

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Jul 18 | Minecraft

Minecraft Boot Camp: Meet Shubble

This Sunday, Shubble will be joining us for the first event of Super League’s Summer Boot Camp! Despite recently adopting a new kitten named Starlord, Shubble will be taking a break from her cat mom duties to challenge you in […]

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Jul 12 | Minecraft

Minecraft Boot Camp Event #1 Rescheduled

Hey Super League Boot Camp Attendees!   We want to make sure you have a top-tier experience at Super League’s Summer Boot Camp. As a result, we are rescheduling Boot Camp Event #1: Domination to Sunday, July 22nd. […]

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Jul 10 | Minecraft

Minecraft Boot Camp 101: Domination

Domination places you on a team with the goal of capturing and defending as many points on the map as possible. You’ll have to work with your team to defend your captured objectives zones – […]

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Jun 22 | Clash Royale

Super League Clash Nights Recap | May 31, 2018

Some of the best Clash Royale players in Los Angeles went head to head in another Super League Clash Nights. Blaze came to defend his title against a pool of new and returning players including the last event’s runner-up, King_Louie. After a […]

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Jun 13 | Clash Royale

Super League Clash Nights Recap | May 22, 2018

On May 22, Super Clash Nights returned to iPic Westwood with veteran players and newcomers alike ready to battle it out for the title, but only one could be crowned king of the night! Newcomer King_Louie surprised us all by sealing his spot in […]

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May 21 | Minecraft

Grand Final Recap: Shockwaves Cement Their Dynasty

The Los Angeles Shockwaves have won their third-straight Super League Championship continuing their reign in Minecraft City Champs. Facing stiff competition from the other Grand Finalists, LA defeated Dallas, Boston, and DC to claim the […]

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May 17 | Minecraft

Grand Final Insider: Boston Revolt

After a hard-fought battle for the Eastern Division title, Boston is in the Minecraft City Champs Grand Final. This is not new territory for the Revolt; Season 1 of City Champs not only saw Boston make it to […]

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