May 2 | Clash Royale

Super League Clash Nights | April 30, 2019

Thank you to all the players who came out to our monthly Super League Clash Nights events last week, and congrats to our winners of the month! It’s always an exciting time for us when […]

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May 1 | Minecraft

Miss the Block Party?

We had a great time at the Block Party with Scott Major, also known as Dangthatsalongname! If you missed the series, check out the videos below to see his Bedwars server and learn how YOU can […]

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Apr 29 | League of Legends

ARAM Social Gallery | April 2019

ARAM Social Thank you to those who came out to our ARAM Social events last Friday! This month, we expanded to new cities. We’re so excited to have been able to enjoy free food and […]

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Apr 29 | Clash Royale

Your Guide to Clash Online

What’s Clash Online? Every Monday from 1pm to 2pm PT and Thursday from 4pm to 5pm PT*, join Super League for a free online Clash Royale tournament. Whether you’re on the go or relaxing at […]

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Apr 25 | League of Legends

Super League LAN Prix Crowns Its First Champions

After four weeks of baron steals, penta kills, Zoe bans, and JUSTICEFORPHILLY hashtags, Super League’s LAN Prix national tournament has crowned its first champions—Norton, Best Jinx NA :), Compliant, Marc, Karl wiith a K, and […]

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Apr 24 | Clash Royale

Your Guide to Clash Royale City Champs Season 2

Dragon Tamers Wanted. On May 19th, your favorite Clash Royale tournament returns with new cities, new formats, and new prizes! The season begins with the Electro Dragon Cup, which will then be followed by the […]

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Apr 23 | League of Legends

LOGITECH G CHALLENGE Recap (4/14 to 4/20)

Overview Week 2 has come to an end, and the Pool Party Alliance refuses to relinquish their lead. Will they be able to hold onto their spot for just one more week? The LOGITECH G […]

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Apr 20 | Minecraft

Minehut Featured Server: Reworked

Super League’s Featured Server series is where we’ll be showing off amazing Minehut servers! Want your server featured on the Super League blog? Fill out this form and we’ll reach out if we want to showcase […]

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Apr 16 | League of Legends

LOGITECH G CHALLENGE Recap (4/7 to 4/13)

Overview We entered our very last month of LOGITECH G CHALLENGE last week, meaning that all players and alliances had a fresh start. At the end of the month, we will not only crown the […]

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Apr 10 | League of Legends

ARAM Social Gallery | March 2019

ARAM Social Last month, Super League hosted its third ARAM Socials across the nation, bringing hundreds of League of Legends players together to battle it out on the Howling Abyss. Join us the last Friday […]

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