Jul 30 | Community Features

Playing Support, In-Game and Out

Seattle player Lonness Valenna sat down for an interview with Super League’s Audrey Miano to discuss finding a niche in the gaming space, enacting positive change within one’s community, and what it means to play support. Responses […]

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Jul 29 | Super League Updates

Super League, Now With More Games | July 22-28

You asked, we delivered. Introducing Super League, now with more games! Last week we added a couple new titles to our resume, including Paladins, NBA2K, and Rocket League. Read on to find out what happened […]

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Jul 25 | Listicles

6 Events Every Gamer Should Check Out Before Summer is Over Forever

Taking a dip in the pool, grabbing some ice cream, relaxing at an *air-conditioned* movie… there’s a reason for this tried-and-true perfect summer recipe! But, for all you gamers looking to kick it up with […]

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Jul 22 | Super League Updates

Teamfights, Camera, Action! | July 15-21

Even a heatwave can’t stop a true Pokémon Trainer from becoming the very best, like no one ever was. Read on to find out what you missed at Super League’s Mudkip Community Day and how […]

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Jul 15 | Super League Updates

Summer in the Cities | July 8-14

Seven cities go head to head in Teamfight Tactics, someone sets a new Clash Online win record, and we Patch Libs the new Brawl Stars Summer Update! Read on to find out everything that happened […]

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Jul 8 | Super League Updates

Golems, Grills, and Games | July 1-7

Super League kicks off summer right with some hotdogs, hamburgers, and—of course—video games. Read on for all of last week’s highlights!   Jumping on the Demon Bandwagon If there’s one thing anyone can be certain […]

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Jul 1 | Super League Updates

Last Week at Super League | June 24-30

Unpacking Teamfight Tactics, killer Apex Legends plays, and a LAN Prix champion emerges. Read on to find out what happened last week at Super League.   Apex Legends Top 5 Apex Legends has made its […]

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Jul 1 | Listicles

4 Ways to Instantly Up Your Peripheral Game

You’ve got the skills, but do you have the gear to take it to the next level? Add these three pieces of equipment to your setup before jumping into your next game.     1. […]

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Jun 26 | Community Features

How Video Games Empower Queer Gamers

Every June, millions of people from around the world come together for parades, conventions, workshops, and other social events to celebrate Pride Month, a time to commemorate the contributions that members of the LGBTQ+ community […]

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Jun 25 | Super League Updates

Last Week at Super League | June 17-23

The end to the hottest rivalry in amateur esports, Minehut’s first year at Super League, and the launch of Super League’s Pride Month initiative. Read on to find out what happened last week at Super […]

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