Nov 7 | Minecraft

Minecraft City Champs: Divisionals Week 1

Last Saturday, the first day of Divisionals for Season 4 of Minecraft City Champs brought some surprises. With a new format and fresh start, our sixteen cities eagerly battled it out for a chance to […]

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Nov 4 | Minecraft

Minecraft City Champs 101: Scoring

How Scoring Works: Season 4 of Minecraft City Champs introduces a new format and scoring system designed to produce fair and balanced results regardless of the number of players on each city club. To achieve […]

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Nov 1 | Minecraft

Minecraft City Champs: A Look Back at Season 3

As we head into Season 4 of Minecraft City Champs, the same question remains: can anyone defeat the LA Shockwaves? Throughout the first three seasons of Minecraft City Champs, the Los Angeles Shockwaves have stayed undefeated, winning every Divisional Round as well […]

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Oct 25 | Clash Royale

Clash Royale City Champs: The Barbarian Cup

The First Clash Royale City Champs Begins The Barbarian Cup, the first of three events in the inaugural season of Clash Royale City Champs, launched last Tuesday! Clash Royale competitors in sixteen cities across the […]

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Oct 24 | Minecraft

Meet the Kids Playing Their Way To A Free Education

Esports are more than just fun and games – they’ve become a launching pad for brand deals, sponsorships, and even college scholarships! Over the past year, the number of college scholarships for esports athletes (yes, athletes!) […]

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Oct 19 | League of Legends

League of Legends Season 4 City Champs Survival Kit!

Online Quals Survival Kit! Season 4 of City Champs Online Qualifiers are starting 10/21! Grab your Slightly Magical Boots and potions as you run into the Rift! If you’re new to city champs or a […]

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Oct 19 | Tournament Updates

League of Legends City Champs – Season 4 Tournament Updates

Please check this live blog for all tournament updates regarding Online Qualifiers. If you are experiencing issues, keep an eye out on this page. For questions, check our FAQ or e-mail To report a […]

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Oct 19 | League of Legends

Super League Under Siege: Will Seattle Take Season 4?

Prior to 2018, Royal Never Give Up’s Uzi was widely considered the best League of Legends player to never win anything—the only player to ever get second place at Worlds twice. 2018 has been a turnaround for RNG: LPL […]

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Oct 18 | Clash Royale

Super League Clash Nights | October 16, 2018

Last Tuesday, new and old faces alike made their way to the remaining October Super League Clash Nights to claim the title as the best Clash Royale player in their city. Missed this month’s events? No problem. […]

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Oct 18 | League of Legends

LoL City Champs Launch Parties | October 17, 2018

Last night, Summoners from sixteen cities nationwide gathered at local LAN centers for Super League’s League of Legends City Champs Launch Parties! Players old and new enjoyed a night of food, gameplay, and prizes to […]

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