We believe in positive and inclusive gameplay, providing players of all ages and skill levels a home where growth, glory and community thrive. Participate in our competitions. See yourself in our content. Meet fellow gamers in-person. Your perfect gaming experience is just around the corner.


We come together for the love of play. Not only the action of playing, but watching, celebrating, laughing, supporting, giving and belonging. Joining Super League means casting your vote, making your choice, exercising your power to be one of the good guys. Accepting the invitation to a gamer’s playground.

We stand for fair and balanced competition. We think that having fun is about more than simply winning. We respect solitude, but we like to get social. We use our powers for good. For the betterment of the community. We’re more than just our handles.  More than our stats, speed or skills. We come together to connect and build rockets. To slay dragons. To hit 3-pointers. To be champions.

We believe that working as a team is better than working as an individual. We always have your back. And win or lose, there’s always a spirited high-five. A Good Game. We embrace others. We embrace different. We dream big. We play big. We grind to get to the next level. And we have fun. Which is why we invite everyone. Every player. Every skill. Any gaming experience. One Super League.