Play in your city:

A National Esports Tournament

Compete against local players live in a movie theater. Shoutcasters call the action with matches broadcast on the big screen. Battle for personal glory, awesome prizes and lead your city to become City Champs.

You can win:

  • An Official Club Jersey
  • $50 Supercell Swag Bag
  • $100 Clash Royale E-Gift Card
  • Epic Victory Party for City Champs
  • Raffle Prizes at Every Event


How It Works

City Champs Clash Royale is Made up of Three Events:

  • 10/23 – The Barbarian Cup
  • 11/13 – The Archers Cup
  • 12/11 – Fall King’s Cup

The city that accumulates the most points from all three events, wins!

Event Format

Each event has 2 hours of gameplay:

First Hour: battle local players in a fun, social environment as you fight to become one of the top five players in your city.

Second Hour: the top 5 players from each city battle to earn points for their hometown. The city that wins the most points becomes City Champs.


The top five local players in each city receive:

  • An official club jersey
  • $50 Supercell swag Bag

The Top five national players receive:

  • $100 Clash Royale e-gift card

There’s always a chance to win official swag in our raffle held at the end of every event!