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Metaburst April 16th

Updated: Apr 23

There’s a lot going on in the metaverse this week. Visit Coachella in Fortnite, play video ads in Roblox and learn to survive a heatwave in Minecraft! Read on for more details:

Coachella on Fortnite

Break out your festival wear, it’s Coachella season! If you weren’t able to nab a ticket for the music festival, you can experience it in Fortnite. This is the third year for this Epic Games collaboration, but this time, you can play your own set in Fortnite Festival, featuring themed skins and new jam tracks! But it doesn’t stop there, in regular Fortnite, there’s a whole new Sahara island to explore, and musical takeovers from Grimes and J. Balvin! So make sure to check out the event before it ends on April 22nd. At this point, I think we can count on attending via the metaverse every year.

Roblox Adds Video Ads

The ad landscape in Roblox is evolving to video ads! While brands have been able to post virtual billboards, portals and experiences on the platform, this development could bring even more traffic. By pairing with ad-tech firm Pubmatic, Roblox will gain the capabilities for companies to air video ads for players 13 and older. While this new feature is still in alpha testing, it is expected to become available to ad buyers later this year. This presents an easier and less expensive option to engage with the platform outside of building a branded experience.

Survive Extreme Heat on Minecraft

Can you take the heat in Minecraft? That’s a question a new educational game by Arsht-Rock asks in “Heat Wave Survival”. As the climate continues to change, information about protecting yourself and others from extreme heat is imperative. This game hopes to educate kids about the warning signs as they travel around the world, help others in danger, and fight against the Heat Dragon. Players can access this game only on the Minecraft Education edition which is geared towards students.

Once again, it’s been an eventful week in the metaverse. We’ve seen the versatility of the immersive web from Coachella’s integration with Fortnite, to Roblox upgrading their ad options, and finally to educational uses with Minecraft. Come back next week for more exciting news from the metaverse!


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