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Short-Form Social Content - Influencer Activations

Updated: Jun 22, 2023

Some creative execution calls for bite-sized meme-able moments. ​

This may appear in short form such as Instagram Reels, YouTube Shorts, or TikTok depending on your targeting and messaging.​

Social Content’s success depends on open-minded brands looking to work alongside a creator’s vision and grant appropriate creative freedom as Repeat Viewing is a critical component for Short-Form Platform algorithms. ​​


Our team will target highly engaged channels aligned with your brand’s goals and values so Brand messaging will be naturally integrated into their content.​


Framerate is Super League’s social video community, and the leading social media gameplay highlights network. ​

We will distribute highlights of the series across our FramerateGG channel, and post full episodes on your brand's channels.​


UI Takeover: scrolling ticker, branded logo & “Presented By” placement campaign hashtag included in copy along with a link to campaign URL.​


3M+ ​Followers​​

​1B+ ​Views​ (Combined)​​

10% ​Avg CTR on sponsored content​

11% Engagement Rate​


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