9/6 Update: We will be cancelling Battle for the Bridge for September to work on more exciting online programs we have coming your way. We can’t say much for now but can’t wait to share them with you all when we’re ready!

Battle for the Bridge is Super League’s online League of Legends competition where players align themselves with an alliance and play games of ARAM to unlock rewards for their team. Every month, alliances will refresh and players will have to choose a new faction to represent.


Who till top the charts?

  • • Electronic
  • • Metal
  • • K-pop
  • • Bard


Each month will consist of two phases.

Alliance Selection: 9/1/19 to 9/11/19 at 5:59PM PT

  • • Players who sign up after alliance selection closes and gameplay begins will automatically be assigned to an alliance.

Gameplay: 9/11/19 to 9/28/19

  • • Wednesdays from 6PM-9PM PT
  • • Saturdays from 7PM-11PM PT
  • • Bonus Game Day (During ARAM Socials): 9/27, 4-10PM PT

During a gameplay window, login to your Super League profile and queue into our online matchmaking system to earn points for your alliance.


Players will be rewarded prizes based on total number of games played within their alliance.


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