Super League’s Summer Boot Camp


Dates:  July 22nd | August 5th | August 26th
Time: 12:00pm to 3:00pm PST
Location: Online – Play Anywhere!   

Please Note: This is an online event, allowing you to participate from home, a friend’s house or anywhere you have internet access! We encourage you to get together with friends and share your Boot Camp Party Photos with us on Facebook!

It’s not summer without camp! This summer Super League is offering three online events designed to test and improve the skills of all participants. Compete online on PC, Mac and now iOS and Android devices! Be sure to register for your chance to win a portion of the $10,000 Scholarship Prize Pool!

We are taking our most popular mini-games and challenging gamers to play them in a whole new way by focusing on different skills! By the end of the summer, players will have used Minecraft to hone their skills in Defense, Support, and Teamwork! We will be revealing each game mode and special guest player throughout the summer. Each event will award the winner with a $3,000 scholarship!

Boot Camp Schedule: 

Date Game Mode Skill Focus Special Guest
July 22nd Domination Defense Shubble
August 5th Stay Tuned Support Stay Tuned
August 26th Stay Tuned Teamwork Stay Tuned

Compatible Devices: 

Platform/Device Minecraft Version
PC Minecraft (Bedrock Edition) or Minecraft Java Edition 
Macintosh  Minecraft Java Edition
iPhone or iPad Minecraft for iOS
Android Phone or Tablet Minecraft for Android 

Minecraft versions found on the Xbox, PlayStation, Fire TV, Apple TV, Nintendo Switch, Wii U or 3DS are not compatible with Super League’s Boot Camp event.


  • Must be 17 or under to participate  
  • Minecraft: Java Edition or Minecraft (bedrock edition)
  • PC or Mobile device capable of running Minecraft 
  • Xbox Live (for Minecraft on iOS, Android or Windows 10 play) or Mojang/Minecraft account (for Minecraft Java Edition play)
  • Stable internet connection

If you have any questions about anything listed above, let us know at

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