May 10 | City Champs: Minecraft Events

Interstate Rivalry Dominates the Central Division

The Central Division erupts with excitement as the Dallas Dynamite and Houston Blast go into Week 3 of Divisional Play with only 14 points separating the two teams. Dallas is leading the Central Division, eyeing […]

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May 9 | City Champs: Minecraft Events

Minecraft City Champs Scoring Update

Hey Super Leaguers! Just want to let you all know that while we were conducting a leaderboards stat review over the past few days, we found some inaccuracies. We are committed to transparent, fair, and […]

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May 3 | City Champs: Minecraft Events

Week 1 Recap of Divisional Play

Week 1 of Divisional Play was thrilling! We had nail-biting finishes and spectacular performances as each city gave it their all to win the Minecraft Super League Championship! Atlanta, Los Angeles, Boston, and Dallas all took home big wins, and currently […]

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