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Emerging Metaverse

& Social Platforms

Rec Room and Zepeto are two upcoming Metaverse Social Platforms and here are some key highlights to know:

Rec Room

  • ​Rec Room is a free online multiplayer game with VR capabilities.

  • The platform features a hub with portals to player-owned rooms and other worlds.

  • It has 20 million monthly active users as of 2022.

  • The platform offers diverse servers with custom interactions, including first-person shooters, sports games, role-playing, and Battle Royales.


  • Zepeto is a chat-based mobile game where users create customizable 3D avatars.

  • It has 15-20 million monthly active users as of 2018.

  • It is primarily used as a social media platform, with highly customizable avatars and a marketplace for trading items.

Download the full white paper here and see how Zepeto and Rec Room stack up against established metaverse platforms like Fortnite, Roblox, and Minecraft.

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