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Back 4 Blood from WB Games - Launch & DLC

WB Games tasked Super League to lead the charge in the launch of Back 4 Blood by activating more than 70 live streamers of all tiers pairing them up in 4 person squads across Twitch & YouTube in the game’s first week. With over 2,500,000 views and almost a million watch hours via selected creators, the community drove Back 4 Blood to the top of the Twitch and YouTube charts. Players and their co-op community thrived and continued playing with $700,000+ in added value streaming.

With the launch success, WB Games again tapped Super League a few months later to activate 60 creators to promote the game’s post-launch DLC campaign. The creator selection process optimized against the original cohort while also adding about 30 new creators who had shown love for the title and knew their audience was looking to see more from it. With those optimizations and relationships with creators, total views were still over 2,500,000 million even with a DLC’s more conservative spend.


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