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Barbie’s Housewarming Party in Livetopia


Super League Gaming leveraged the power of Roblox's to bring Barbie’s 60th Anniversary of her Dream House to a massive audience of Barbie Lovers, while engaging in innovative & uniquely interactive in-game experiences that generated purchases IRL.


  • Activation Hub: Barbie Dream House

    • Each floor included interactive elements that released over the month long campaign to generate interest.

  • 12 Custom-Built Non-Player Characters

    • Each had a unique dialogue for players to engage

  • 6 Custom Items

    • Created to entice exploration of the Dreamhouse.

  • Influencers

    • Drive awareness of Barbie Dreamhouse in Livetopia


  • Average Time Spent: 385sec (70+% higher average across SLG)

  • Total Impressions: 31.3 MM

  • Influencers Total 30 day Views: 556,862

  • 81% more likely to prefer Barbie over competitors after seeing the integration


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