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Dedicated Videos, Streams, & Shoutout Integrations - Influencer Activations

Updated: Jul 10, 2023


Super League will work with your team’s goals to find the proper combination of Dedicated VOD content, Livestreams, and Shout Out Integrations to fulfill your campaign needs.


Video On Demand content (VODs), most notably on YouTube, provides a spotlight for your product with an extended lifespan to the content’s viewership. Throughout the video, creators will appropriately sprinkle in CTAs and brand talking points organically to make sure their audience understands that you’re empowering their content and not just “making a commercial”. For gaming brands, we will work with your team to find gameplay creators who have shown an affinity for your titles in the past or with those who have played games in your competitive set. With non-gaming brands, we’ll identify creators with content that will strike a chord with your desired audience using data and contextual strategy. We will help guide the proper balance of influencer creative and brand guidelines to create content that everyone is proud of, an audience that enjoys and drives performance.


Focused on appointment viewing, Live viewers on Twitch and YouTube are some of the most engaged audiences as they consume content. Actively watching the streamer and participating in a chat with them over long watch sessions, a Live viewer is a dedicated one. Live content is sponsored in hour-long increments of streams dedicated to your brand. Depending on the strategy and creator options, there may be multiple streams booked with each creator or even longer sponsored blocks. Gaming brands will be paired with channels likely to enjoy their game and have the appropriate audience consuming their content. When appropriate, non-gaming Livestreams can be utilized as “Just Chatting” and IRL content has continued to increase in popularity. The Super League team will help find the right creators and shape the creative prompts to drive an engaging stream with your brand as the focus.


VOD and Live content both lend themselves to Shout Out Integrations. Shout Outs allow the brand to maximize reach as rates can be more efficient than dedicated content while allowing for messaging to fit in naturally alongside the video that wouldn’t normally work as a wholly devoted piece. Creator selection is key as we want to make sure that not only the creator and their content fits the needs of the brand but also that the audience aligns too. We will also provide platform-specific best practices throughout the content to drive audiences toward your goals. These reads may include showing off the physical product if available. ​


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