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Lyle Lyle Crocodile - Super Biz


Super League was tasked to create awareness and excitement of the Lyle Lyle Crocodile Roblox experience. Our focus was on maximizing excitement for Lyle opening weekend and making sure we could let as many players explore the Lyle theatre as possible.


  • Roblox Billboards

  • Lyle 3D NPC with Chat Dialogue

  • Social post on Twitter and Tik Tok

  • Dedicated sponsored YouTube VOD

  • 3D Characters w/Dialogue Interaction


  • Unique Engagements

    • Lyle CPE - $0.21

  • Unique User Reach

    • Lyle CP Unique User - $0.125

  • Total Overall Views - 4,427,704

  • Total Overall Cost of Media - $577K

  • Total Overall Impressions – 21,898,529

  • Total Influencer Interactions – 4,000K!


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