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Metaburst April 30th

The news from the metaverse this week was out of this world. There have been several exciting developments, like: Fortnite helping you build a lunar base, Disney inventing a VR treadmill and Walmart making shopping easier on Roblox! Read on for more details:


Space exploration is coming to the metaverse! Ahead of NASA’s next mission to the moon in 2026, the European Space Agency partnered with Epic Games and Hassel to create “Lunar Horizons”. In Fortnite’s new game mode, you can play as astronauts collecting samples and building a lunar base on the moon’s south pole. It’s not only fun but educational and play-tested by real ESA astronauts! The game is available to play now so definitely check it out.


Disney’s Imagineers have devised a new way to interact with VR - a 360 degree treadmill called the Holotile! Until now, walking in VR has been pretty limited, but this game changing prototype solves these issues with hundreds of tilting, spinning discs. This new technology was invented by Lanny Smoot, one of the most prolific Imagineers, who was recently inducted into the National Inventors Hall of Fame. The Holotile is not available to the public yet, but its existence opens up a world of possibilities for engaging with the metaverse.


Speaking of innovation, Walmart just expanded its e-commerce capabilities in Roblox. For the month of May, “Walmart Discovered” is running a pilot test for users to try out virtual items from their store and order the physical twin within the platform. As of right now, players can only buy three items: a steel tumbler, a festival bag and wireless headphones. This is the first of a series of e-commerce tests Roblox will roll out. If all goes well, the platform could cement itself as a virtual shopping hub. Start filling those carts, people!

This week’s edition of Metaburst included some truly groundbreaking stories. From Fortnite creating a realistic lunar simulation game, to Disney’s Imagineers inventing the 360 degree Holotile treadmill, to Walmart potentially changing the shopping landscape of Roblox. It’s always inspiring to read about all the creative ways the metaverse can be applied to everyday life. Come back next week for more news from the metaverse!


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