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Metaburst April 9th

Updated: Apr 17

It’s been an eventful week in the metaverse! An Anime anomaly is bending the world in Fortnite, clothing brand Afro Unicorn dropped some new threads on Roblox and students in Miami are now collaborating globally with others in real-time. Read on for more details:

Avatar: The Last Airbender x Fortnite

The iconic series, “Avatar: The Last Airbender” is gradually unfolding into Fortnite in a hotly anticipated collaboration. Current series protagonist, Korra kicked things off as a playable character in the latest season pass and just recently, a mysterious frozen island materialized just off the shores of the game map’s northeastern corner. This island should become available on April 12th. Players who invest in the upcoming “Elements” Pass will unlock the frozen OG airbender, Aang along with a corresponding Lego variant.

Afro Unicorn Soars Onto Roblox!

Another trendsetting lifestyle brand has galloped its way into the metaverse! Afro Unicorn has launched a live experience on Roblox where players can outfit their avatars with digital clothing and accessories to authentically represent the platform’s diverse playerbase. Signature pieces now available include the brand’s highly coveted LOVE shirt and its iconic Afro Unicorn joggers. The brand plans to release new monthly items in the future. You can visit the Afro Unicorn experience right now!

Intercontinental Classroom!

The University of Miami is teleporting its students into the same virtual classroom as students halfway across the globe! Thanks to “Engage XR,” professors in Miami and India are swapping dusty chalkboards for digital avatars to bridge 8,000 miles with the click of a few buttons. The course “Architecture in the Metaverse—Global Problems” isn’t just a lesson in tech; it’s a masterclass in breaking down global barriers. While students have enjoyed being able to interact with their classmates from both countries, the time difference for the Indian students has proven to be a bit of a challenge. They join the class at 3 AM! Now that’s an early morning.

This week we saw a great variety of uses for the metaverse. From television, to fashion, to education. Whether it was the Avatar: the Last Airbender collaboration with Fortnite, or Afro Unicorn’s experience on Roblox; there’s no shortage of ways the metaverse can engage the public. It can even make education more accessible for global students like the partnership between University of Miami and India! Come back next week to hear more news from the metaverse!


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