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It has to be summer inside the Metaverse too because things are getting hot in this week of Metaburst! A pop star launched a one-of-its-kind dance party that could soon catch like fire in the music industry. Plus one of the largest amusement park chains won’t make you stand in the sun for its newest wave of roller coasters. All this and the Metaverse ad industry now projects a future white-hot market cap. Read on for more details:


Pop star Bebe Rexha is coming back to Roblox with an awesome new music experience. Much more than a listening party, players can hang with with friends alongside Bebe, play a dancing mini game and unlock exclusive UGC such as Bebe’s hairstyle, jacket, books and dance emote. Players can join “Soundz by Bebe Rexha” from three Roblox hits, “Floor is Lava,” “Carry a Friend” and “Paradise RP.” “Soundz” is a modular experience that Super League’s President of Entertainment, Josh Neumann thinks will revolutionize the music industry.

“Soundz is a modular experience that we build on our own and then place it like a shipping container into existing games with massive audiences. And it’s a dance party, it’s a really lightweight build that audiences can go in. We can customize every component of it, and we partner with artists to build out that creative” --Josh Neuman, President of Entertainment, Super League Enterprise.


This summer you can forget about those high admission tickets, overpriced concessions and long lines in the hot sun. Six Flags has launched a “groundbreaking” Roblox experience where players can ride roller coasters, explore mazes and play mini-games. We think it’s a soft launch because a lot of the rides don’t seem to be open yet. So on July 30th, hopefully things will pick up! The most enticing aspect will probably be that they can gain Coastercoins which translates to real rewards at the parks. According to Six Flags CTO, Omar Jacques, "Our goal is to create immersive experiences that allow our guests to explore the excitement of Six Flags in a whole new way by seamlessly integrating the digital and physical worlds.”


A new forecast says that the Metaverse ad industry could reach a value of $7.5 Billion by the year 2030! The data presented by suggests that the industry could grow almost three fold in just six years! This year the metaverse ad industry is expected to hit $1.8 billion but with more brands and consumers embracing immersive ads there is optimism for growth. Time will tell if the market can actually reach those numbers with the pressure extra high for the two leading countries, the US and China to maintain that growth. Either way, these stats are going in the right direction.

Each week, we share news about the biggest brands, celebrities and consumers celebrating the metaverse. From Bebe Rexha’s dance party to virtual roller coasters and extreme market optimism, things are surely heating up in the metaverse! Come back next week for even more scorching metaverse news!


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