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Updated: 3 days ago

It’s been another exciting week in the metaverse. In today's edition of Metaburst, we're covering Ikea’s new job opportunities on Roblox, McDonald’s virtual shop and a new Fortnite island that helps players fight climate change!


Ikea’s hiring…In the metaverse! By launching a job simulator on Roblox, players get to sell furniture, decorate showrooms and even serve meatballs! A select few will even be paid for their work. Ikea has offered to put ten applicants from the UK and Ireland on their payroll for 13 pounds an hour. This could be a good gig, definitely less physically intensive - is this the future of virtual work? With so many people working remotely in the last few years, we could see more job postings like this. Unfortunately, Ikea’s only offering these positions in Europe, so Americans may have to wait longer for an opportunity like this.


Speaking of virtual marketplaces, McDonald’s is also getting into the metaverse game! They are test driving a virtual store in Singapore! Called “My Happy Place”, users can build their own burgers, unveil their dream restaurant and win daily rewards. There’s even a chance to win a year of free meals! This metaverse experiment will only be live for a month from June 6th to July 7th. If it’s successful, the experience may become available in other regions.


You can now fight climate change in a new Fortnite Island called “Tradewater-Earthshot Parkour.” It was developed by the two companies Tradewater and Earthshot in an effort to raise awareness and inspire the younger generations to get involved. Players race to shoot toxic oil and gas wells to stop polluting the air. In the process, they learn more about the harmful chemicals impacting the real world environment. You can try the experience now here.

This week we saw some interesting use cases for the immersive web, the most unique being Ikea’s actual job offerings at their virtual Roblox store. Next, we saw McDonald’s test out a virtual store in the Singapore market. We’ll have to check back in to see its level of success. Lastly, we saw two environmental companies band together to create a climate aware Fortnite island. Come back next week to learn more about the metaverse!


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