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Updated: Jun 11

Thanks for joining us for this week’s edition of Metaburst! Today, we're covering Minecraft’s new animated series, U.S. Soccer joining Roblox’s roster, and L’oxeetahn’s virtual shop, Greenhouse. Read on for more details:


You may have already heard about the Minecraft movie in the works starring Jack Black and Jason Momoa, but there’s also going to be a new animated series on Netflix! Over the years, Minecraft content started off with just gameplay as a narrative tool, but over time people started using more advanced animation to tell their stories. So now WildBrain, the studio behind “Sonic Prime” and “Carmen Sandiego” will be developing this series fully in CG. No release date has yet been announced. It takes a while for these games to be embraced by the mainstream, now that we have a Minecraft Netflix series, a Roblox series is only a matter of time!


FIFA World on Roblox just launched a major new update with the involvement of the U.S. Soccer Federation. Sports is a fast growing area for players on Roblox and FIFA World 1.0 was the most visited sports experience in Roblox history with over 21 million visits! While FIFA World was originally built to celebrate the last two World Cup events in Paris and Qatar, adding the “U.S. Soccer Tycoon” experience should give players more to do year-round. Players will be able to build their own stadium, create their dream team and earn rewards. The experience is available to play right now!


L’Occitane, a major beauty products brand, just announced the launch of their fourth experience in the metaverse called ‘Greenhouse’. Past experiences include the Holiday store in November 2023 and the Ramadan store in Spring 2024. This virtual greenhouse allows consumers to check out their new range of summer fragrances in a beautiful floral environment. While the world of immersive technology still hasn’t figured out how to make smell come through the screen, this innovative way of invoking the senses through visuals gets you close!

We hope you enjoyed these inspiring stories about the metaverse this week! Seeing Minecraft increasingly become embraced by the mainstream with a movie and now an animated series is a great vote of confidence for the medium. U.S. Soccer joining forces with FIFA’s Roblox experience is yet another example of that. Lastly, beauty brands like L’Occitane setting up virtual shops shows the versatility of the space. Come back next week for more news from the metaverse!


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