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Metaburst March 12th

Updated: Mar 26

We are back with another round of news from the metaverse this week. There have been lots of exciting developments from new music in Fortnite Festival, to Hyundai setting up a garage in Zepeto, and Chucky joining Roblox! Read on for more details:

Rock Out In Fortnite

Fortnite Festival leans into rock by adding songs from bands like Paramore, Disturbed and Linkin Park. Since December, Fortnite Festival has been super popular, bringing in over 600,000 concurrent players at launch. The musical game mode has been attracting players with its evolving song catalog. Rock out to these new jam tracks like “Numb,” “Misery Business” and “Down with the Sickness”. At this rate, who knows what other artists will join the roster next month?

Chucky Terrifies Roblox

Roblox has been a great place for movies to integrate into the metaverse. The latest addition is the horror franchise “Chucky.” In the new Roblox game: “Griefville: Survive the Nightmare”, you can play as the devious doll or try to outrun him. Head over to the game right now, because the Chucky character is available for a limited time only! With Chucky and Jaws making a presence in Roblox, expect to see even more horror properties coming to the platform.

Hyundai Joins Zepeto

Hyundai cruises into the metaverse by creating a world in Zepeto! Zepeto is similar to Roblox but with a focus on social interaction and avatars. The Korean car manufacturer celebrates its history with the experience called “Timeless in Seoul.” There you can check out the original Pony car that put Hyundai on the map! Yes, you can customize your own pony, race it, and take pictures with friends!

That’s it for this week of Metaburst. There was a good variety of activations this time, ranging from music in Fortnite, to movies in Roblox and finally, to cars in Zepeto. Never underestimate the flexibility of the platform. If you own a brand and want to bring it to the metaverse, there is a place for you. Come back next week for more news from the metaverse!


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