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Metaburst March 19th

It’s been a very musical week in the metaverse. From Fender guitars sliding into Fortnite to Busta Rhymes dropping bars in TCG World! Outside of music, Godzilla and Kong tore into Roblox! Read on for more details:

Fender in Fortnite

Fender, one of the top sellers of electric guitars, just dropped a collaboration with Fortnite Festival! Players can riff, shred or slap that bass with these two awesome new, in-game guitars! For 800 V bucks, you can rock out like your favorite guitarist with the Precision Bass or the Stratocaster – and in six different colors. This is the first collaboration between a music instrument manufacturer and Fortnite, so be on the lookout for more brands joining the Festival.

Godzilla x Kong: Roblox Edition

Godzilla and King Kong stomp into Roblox with the platform’s first ever ‘immersive trailer’! The movie “Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire” releases March 29th, and you can catch the trailer in the Godzilla and Kong Obby. If you want to see the full trailer, you’ll have to enter the virtual Hollow Earth and complete challenges first. While past films have made their trailers available to stream in Roblox, this is the first immersive format. This innovative way to promote films might just set a monstrous trend.

Busta Busts Rhymes in TCG World

Busta Rhymes is now making music in the metaverse! In collaboration with upcoming platform TCG World - Busta will premiere the music video of the song “Chooky”. The song by Elesia Iimura and O.T. features Busta Rhymes and their music video portrays all three of them avatar style in a digital world. This musical collaboration between the artists and TCG World shows the versatility of the emerging platform. TCG World will be a place where you can buy virtual real estate, collect NFTs, play games and participate in events! While it’s still in Beta, you can access the more limited browser build right now.

That’s the metaverse roundup this week! It’s inspiring to see the opportunities to integrate music in these spaces from Fender in Fortnite Festival to Busta Rhymes in TCG World. The boundaries of movie promotion just keep getting bigger with Roblox’ first ever immersive trailer. Come back next week for more developments from the metaverse!


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